Three Transgender Movies That Break Cinematic Ground



The subject of transgender living is rarely addressed on the silver screen, but when it is, the film is extraordinary. The top movies addressing transgender issues are fun, create unique acting opportunities for the cast, and provide audiences with rare insights.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch


One of the most prominent trans movies, a young male-to-female punk music band superstar is thrust into a worldwide music tour. While struggling to regain ownership of a few blockbuster songs, Hedwig is forced to reconcile a stolid European upbringing with the freedoms of the American touring circuit. Though a past surgical alteration has made her identity final, ghosts from the past emerge that bring emotional pain.


Pink Flamingos


This iconic and campy John Waters movie places Divine, the Queen of Sleaze, in a fast-paced extortion scenario. A battle of reputations quickly erupts into a criminal scheme to deliver children into the care of individuals who represent the worst in urban transgender subcultures. This 1972 classic has become the model for every edgy cross-oriented film in the last four decades.


The Danish Girl


Two Danish artists nurse a taboo love affair in the quest to gain insights about the modern world. One is a loving female muse. The other is a transgender man who loves his art, but begins to love his penchant for feminine mystique even more. This was the first movie centered on transgender issues to be nominated for four Academy Awards.