Kamil Idris’ Insight Into The United States And China Trade Feud


Kamil Idris is a law expert and advocate for peace who regularly arbitrates international disputes presented at the Permanent Court. The Sudanese author and scholar has earned respect because of his global achievements and efforts especially towards protection of Intellectual Property (IP). IP refers to anything created by the mind like trade secrets and business names. He served as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization for 11 years, a position he used to champion for protection of IP rights and to educate people on the importance of IP. Kamil has also written several journals and books on Intellectual Property.

According to Kamil Idris, IP is continuously shaping the patterns in which countries relate to each other. China and the United States trade relations have deteriorated because the latter blames China for the theft of Intellectual Property. China allegedly forces companies from other countries to circulate their technologies among Chinese firms in China prerequisite for being allowed to sell their services and goods in the country. Chinese manufacturers are also accused of counterfeiting products of favorite American brands and selling them in the international market at lower prices. This has caused many American businesses to close down and cost the American economy billions of dollars.

President Trump has disclosed that his government will impose massive taxes on Chinese exports to pressure the Asian country into enforcing strict IP regulations that will do away with IP theft. Some experts argue that this could escalate the trade tension between China and the United States but others like Kamil Idris believe that this is the right move in protecting American Intellectual Property. Kamil thinks that the move by Trump will solve the problem of IP violations even if it is at a gradual pace.

Kamil Idris points out that protecting IP allows creative individuals and innovators to benefit from their work. He requests everyone to join WIPO in the World Intellectual Property Day celebrations conducted on April 26th. Kamil Idris points out that this will encourage more innovations which improve life and boost economic growth. Nations will enjoy IP wealth when everyone understands the importance of Safeguarding IP.