Ashley Lightspeed Studying American Express


Ashley Lightspeed is a venture capital professional. This means that Ashley Lightspeed must study and understand different trends that are taking place within the business world. Why must she be aware of these trends? Well, she has to identify them and see how she can get in on them early on in its journey to increase the value of her investment a hundred times over. When she invests early and she preserves the investment, the higher the chance she has of winning within the investment game and the better it is for her career.

As such, Ashley Lightspeed and other venture capitalist are always interested in what’s fresh and what will be sustainable in the long run. They must look analyze, think, and be in the flow of innovation.

As such, it would not be strange for Ashley to look at acquisitions that are taking place within sectors such as finance.

Take for example, the recent acquisition by American Express. See, American Express just made some interesting moves within the sector and they’ve gone ahead and made certain that they will benefit over the long term from these particular moves.

What did American Express do?

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American Express and The Recent Acquisition

But before we move forward and talk about the acquisition, let’s take a look at what American Express is and what it does over the long term. The first thing that one would want to know about American Express is that the firm is one that is public, as such, one can look at the stock.

The stock price of American Express is $114.39 at the current moment. Yes, even after a correction seen in December, the stock price has bounced back and is stronger than ever. Even more interesting about American Express is the fact that the company will pay dividends. Due to the way that the company is set up, it will likely pay dividends even through a correction. The way that the market is going, one can expect dividends to take place for quite some time as well. So Ashley may look at American Express for information on innovation and on what is taking place within the sector.

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