The Fyre Festival – The Unique Music Festival


The island of Fyre Cay located in the Bahamas hosts two venues at different times. In 2017, the Fyre Festival will hold the first-weekend event from April 28 to April 30, and the second on May 5-7.

The festival combines the two weekends into an extravaganza of food, art, music and the exploration of the private island paradise. Even the starting price of $1,500 does not deter the fans who come by the droves to experience the VIP experience in the tropics.

The chance to hear favorite artists in such an inviting setting offers fantastic food along with a scavenger hunt and a luxury festival experience. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

Even though the lineup of performers is still under wraps, visitors are assured that there will be acts for everyone in attendance. Hip-hop, rock, pop and other modern music and there are sure to be collaborations that will astonish.

On each weekend the treasure hunts sill inspire even the most laid back individuals, with prizes to boast about. Over $1 million is the combined value of the prizes which will include cash, jewelry, and other unusual items too diverse to mention. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

The musical portion of the event is just part of the picture, as the real excitement is involved in the vacation side of the trip.

Here you have a private island in the Bahamas, along with art displays, the very best in the way of the cuisine, and talks and lectures by the civic leaders of the island. Located just an hour’s flight from Miami, fun and relaxation are withing the quick grasp of festival-goers.

The history of Fyre Cay is bound up in all of the mystique of the pirate and buccaneer era, with the area being the haunt of Blackbeard and Pablo Escobar. This makes for the ideal environment for all of the festivities and the treasure hunt.

There are two levels of attendance and access. The lower, $1,500 entrance fee gives attendees a general access and event capabilities. If the patrons desire closer access, such as backstage and behind the scenes, the VIP package is available.

Fyre Festival is surely one of the most popular events on the planet, as partygoers and patrons will have the time of their life in one of the most luxurious environments that exist.