Beyonce Throws Out $20,000


Beyonce Knowles is extremely famous and rich. She recently released a new video with Nicki Minaj that caught everyone’s attention. However, many Twitter members have begun to criticize Beyonce. Apparently, according to my friend Kevin Seawright (twitter follow), Beyonce Knowles poured out a $20,000 dollar bottle of wine into a Jacuzzi. What ?! This stunt has angered thousands of people worldwide, and Beyonce Knowles has heard about it.

Several people told Beyonce that the wasted $20,000 dollars could have paid off their college tuition. Also, a female Twitter member told Beyonce that just $1000 dollars could change someone’s life forever. Instead, Beyonce doesn’t seem to care about throwing away a $20,000 dollar bottle of wine.

Beyonce Knowles has been praised most of her career, and she has rarely been involved in a controversial moment like this. Several media outlets have posted demeaning things about Beyonce’s lack of care for the less fortunate. However, some people feel that Beyonce shouldn’t be held responsible for the video’s content. Beyonce did not create the video, but she did star in it. Nonetheless, people should realize that Beyonce is worth half a billion dollars. The truth is that Beyonce seriously does not care about $20,000 dollars, and she can do whatever she wants with her money. But, I do understand the angry Twitter messages from the fans. For more information on this story, visit E!