Investing And Collecting Wines With UKV PLC


The chance to invest in wines from the finest possible vineyards and wineries is always available with the aid of the experts from UKV PLC who are always looking for the best ways to make sure every individual gets the highest quality wines on the market to suit the needs of all customers. The wine markets used to be solely rooted in northern Europe with major trades historically taking place in regions of France and the U.K. capital of London; as the wine markets expanded into different parts of the world it is becoming increasingly important to work with a wine merchant with the ability to source wines from all over the world, such as UKV PLC.

As one of the most respected brokers in the U.K., the vintners at UKV PLC have not only developed a range of contacts in the wine production industry but have also developed a series of partners in the wine merchant industry who work with the company to value wines from collectors and investors on a regular basis. As a brokerage the UKV PLC wine merchants works with a range of specialists who will often look to work in an independent way that will often result in the individual wine being bought by the wine expert valuing it to learn more click here.

UKV PLC can also work in an effective way that allows a high quality purchase to be made by any individual who is looking for an investment wine that will hopefully allow a major profit to be made by the investor over the course of a number of years; in fact, UKV PLC can assist in a range of different investments being made that include handling the complex tax decisions that must be made over the course of an investment. Storage options are also available that allow the individual to keep their investment wines in a safe and secure location managed by UKV PLC year round.

UKV PLC: the Leaders of Wine Supply and Distribution in Different Regions


Wine production and labeling in France is a broad task that makes even the most experienced cognoscenti engulfed. Amateurs begin by familiarizing themselves with the France appellation system according to UKV PLC. The government then regulates wine making by making sure; it is labeled according to the place of origin. Wine stewards in France argue that the quality of wine depends on its place of origin due to different species of grapes in the various regions.

Regions of Wine Fabrication

Every newbie in wine production should be aware of the leading areas according to UKV PLC. Burgundy is an Eastern region that has an excellent reputation for its vineyards. In this region, white and red wines are available. The duo comes from Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir varieties respectively.

Bordeaux is on the Atlantic Coast that majorly deals with importation of wines. A bottle of Bordeaux may comprise of Malbec Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Champagne comes from the Northeastern France and is different from those in other regions referred to as Cremant. The difference is due to production since it undergoes a double fermentation process.The Loire is from the Loire River in northeastern France producing all wine varieties.

About UKV PLC and its Advantages.

UKV PLC is an independent company that deals with luxury fine wine and champagne all over the world. The company specializes in the purchase, sale, and distribution of bonded champagne and fine wine for both traders and individuals.

UKV PLC can be able to collect wine from different world leading vineyards since it’s an independent company. Due to this diversified collection, UKV PLC brings in new tips together for the best wines that stand higher chances of profit return.

The Traveling Vineyard is a Welcome Guest


Marketing involves responsibility, organization, and many other skills. A young business CEO might come up with a long list of disciplines but one of the most valuable is the ability to be creative. The Traveling Vineyard made its debut in 2001 and offered a variety of wines from around the world in a direct sales format. This was successful but it was the next step in marketing that was the creative plunge that made the splash. They joined the home party system, which had been dominated by makeup, candles, and skin creams.

Gathering in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of a living room full of friends, a variety of wines and wine accessories could be sampled, discussed, and ultimately purchased. It was not difficult to encourage potential salespeople to become wine experts, and it wasn’t difficult to gather groups of probable consumers who loved the taste, flavor, and excitement in a wine tasting event. The Traveling Vineyard has fast become the most popular wine party of the neighborhood.

The procedure to become a consultant or a hostess is to get a starter kit from the company. This kit provides the basic needs for party organization such as invitations, forms, and wine tasting supplies. The consultant also gets 3 months of a free website to market the wine on line. There are 15 stages that a consultant can pass through with his number of sales, and there are many incentives that reward top sales people. As long as a certified party is continually hosted, there is no charge for the wine tasting set, and with a $150 in sales, a 5 bottle wine tasting set is free. Personal sales commissions range from 15% to 35%, depending on a variety of factors.

View The Traveling Vineyard’s online training manuals for more information.

Anyone can host a party and the company provides a wide variety of delicious wines for tasting. In addition, there are various percentage saving incentives for both hostess and customer. The Traveling Vineyard’s consultants job can be as time consuming as desired, either part or full time. The more you become an expert of exotic wines of the world, and the more people you engage in promoting these wines, the larger the business venture. The Traveling Vineyard’s website has a listing of all states and cities within the states that have consultants. It is easy to find a location, a party, or determine an area that might be good marketing for a wine tasting party.

The Traveling Vineyard’s social media may mention a group of acquaintances around a glowing fireplace or at a lawn party in an outdoor canopy of exotic lights. Perhaps it describes a group of familiar friends milling around the kitchen bar, but the Traveling Vineyard has provided a reason to toast a creative idea in marketing. This idea is to be commended and has great flavor for all!

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