The Traveling Vineyard is a Welcome Guest


Marketing involves responsibility, organization, and many other skills. A young business CEO might come up with a long list of disciplines but one of the most valuable is the ability to be creative. The Traveling Vineyard made its debut in 2001 and offered a variety of wines from around the world in a direct sales format. This was successful but it was the next step in marketing that was the creative plunge that made the splash. They joined the home party system, which had been dominated by makeup, candles, and skin creams.

Gathering in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of a living room full of friends, a variety of wines and wine accessories could be sampled, discussed, and ultimately purchased. It was not difficult to encourage potential salespeople to become wine experts, and it wasn’t difficult to gather groups of probable consumers who loved the taste, flavor, and excitement in a wine tasting event. The Traveling Vineyard has fast become the most popular wine party of the neighborhood.

The procedure to become a consultant or a hostess is to get a starter kit from the company. This kit provides the basic needs for party organization such as invitations, forms, and wine tasting supplies. The consultant also gets 3 months of a free website to market the wine on line. There are 15 stages that a consultant can pass through with his number of sales, and there are many incentives that reward top sales people. As long as a certified party is continually hosted, there is no charge for the wine tasting set, and with a $150 in sales, a 5 bottle wine tasting set is free. Personal sales commissions range from 15% to 35%, depending on a variety of factors.

View The Traveling Vineyard’s online training manuals for more information.

Anyone can host a party and the company provides a wide variety of delicious wines for tasting. In addition, there are various percentage saving incentives for both hostess and customer. The Traveling Vineyard’s consultants job can be as time consuming as desired, either part or full time. The more you become an expert of exotic wines of the world, and the more people you engage in promoting these wines, the larger the business venture. The Traveling Vineyard’s website has a listing of all states and cities within the states that have consultants. It is easy to find a location, a party, or determine an area that might be good marketing for a wine tasting party.

The Traveling Vineyard’s social media may mention a group of acquaintances around a glowing fireplace or at a lawn party in an outdoor canopy of exotic lights. Perhaps it describes a group of familiar friends milling around the kitchen bar, but the Traveling Vineyard has provided a reason to toast a creative idea in marketing. This idea is to be commended and has great flavor for all!

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