Chinese entrepreneur: Richard Liu


To develop a new idea and implement it in a way that attracts the customers is a very difficult task. Richard Liu implemented his outstanding knowledge and expertise in his business and gained popularity all across the globe. Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of Jingdong and Liu as a young boy had an immense interest in politics. However, as he grew up his own interest changes from politics to computer technology. He used to work on computer technology in his free time and learned a lot from it. He believed that having a degree will not give him what he wanted. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and did his master’s from China Europe Business School in EMBA.

Before introducing, Richard Liu also made his restaurant which in the future proved to be a great failure. Liu learned from the mistakes he made and decided to work on them when he will be introducing his own company. Richard Liu focused on the people of his own country and makes them happy with their services. In an interview, Liu was asked how is he planning to expand his business globally. On that, he replied that their first target is to bring the best worldwide products to his country, China. This shows how devoted he is to work for his people and provide them with the high quality products that are available worldwide.

He also told the viewers that they are planning to grow their business following the one belt one road route. He was also asked about the strategies they are going to use to expand their business. On this question, he answered that they will be using different strategies in different parts of the world. For instance, he exemplified, that in South-East Asia they will look forward to local partnerships while in other parts of the world they will introduce their business from scratch. The strategies Richard Liu has in his mind and his deep insight about the business will be very favorable for the growth of his business.

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