Chris Burch: American Entrepreneur and France


Chris Burch is an entrepreneur from the United States who knows exactly how to manifest a property in France for his six children. The building he knew he would live in was in Senlis, and was manifested as an 1608 hôtel which he planned to renovate. The house was 10,000 square feet and was a landmark both inside and on the outside. It still possessed 17th and 18th century floors, paneling and beams. This house has historical significance despite having patchy renovations over time. The house came with a complete set of Joseph Dufour 1805 paintings of the voyages of Captain Cook. Burch wanted a home that felt historic but functioned as though new with new plumbing.

Nine bathrooms and two kitchens had undergone “horrible” renovations in the 1950s through the 1970s. They were remodeled in the present, as they might have existed 300 years ago, despite brand new plumbing. He decided to keep the chairs rustic looking. He wanted a home that looked frozen in time but was also comfortable, like it has been lived in. The curtains for the breakfast room windows of the hotel and family home, was made of 19th century Madeleine Castaing climbing vine pattern. Days are leisurely with jet lagged visitors not showing up in the common areas until noon. The gardens were designed by English landscape designer Tania Compton with French topiaries, which means that perennial plants are cut into defined shapes, the hotel is ready for visitors in the present.

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