ClassDojo: connecting students and teachers


In the modern classroom of today’s rapidly evolving world, technology is extremely important in many ways. As a teacher, the ability to engage with students in a way that’s natural to them is perhaps the most critical element in allowing pupils to thrive. ClassDojo is an online solution that lets teachers work together with students and parents to enable growth and learning through a communication app. The application allows both students and their guardians to take an active and involved role in the educational process, and ensures reliable contact with each educator. ClassDojo Messages makes it easy for parents and school leaders to keep instant contact with teachers and instructors, without having to fumble with a large number of phone numbers or email addresses. ClassDojo also takes an active role inside the classroom as well, linking learners with class resources such as images and videos. With ClassDojo’s Classroom, students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers as well as their instructors while they are engaging with new material, building important skills by getting feedback from classmates. The School Story, Class Story, and Student Story areas of ClassDojo let every student, parent, and teacher have a part in seeing their student’s growth by sharing pictures and videos for each class and even as an entire school. Being as engaged in a student’s education as possible is the best way to promote their learning and growth, and with ClassDojo every student can get the resources and support that they need.

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