Dallas Woman’s Foundation 32nd Annual Event and Financial Bank in Dallas


NexBank Finance Background and Company Values


NexBank is a Dallas-based financial company that issues their financial services within three main branches. Commercial, institutional and mortgage banking. NexBank managed 6.4 billion in assets according to June 2017 reports by usbanklocations.com. NexBank serves large corporations, real estate investors as well as middle-market companies. NexBank is a member of FDIC. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a federal agency that works independently to secure deposits in case of a bank failure. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was initiated during 1933 in order to encourage financial stability.


The motto of NexBank follows three main areas of business. The three areas NexBank specializes in are execution, flexibility and enterprise. Execution is significant in the business of finance as a result of the trust and reputation built between partners. It is highly important to execute a plan promptly and in accordance with the rest of the company. If the leader and CEO of a company does not consult with the rest of the staff, the team will feel excluded and the plan will not run smoothly as a result of tension and friction within the company.


The second motto of NexBank is flexibility. Flexibility is crucial to the success of a company. Situations are constantly changing and updates are always being made in the financial industry. Flexibility allows a company to accommodate their clients and other industry leaders. As a result of a flexible mentality, there is more room for collaboration. The final motto of NexBank is enterprise. Enterprise is significant as a result of the efforts needed to accomplish a respected task such as business in the financial industry.


Dallas Woman’s 32nd Annual Luncheon Event


Dallas Woman’s Foundation is a unified organization for woman’s participation economically, politically and socially in society. They advocate for woman’s rights. NexBank Capital has supported their 32nd event. They have pledged support to the Dallas organization. NexBank has donated to the foundation. This donated will assist the foundation in furthering their message.




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