DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: How a Billionaire Helped Develop Dubai


In 2002, the United Arab Emirates ordered the country’s business sector to help with their plans of transforming the city of Dubai to become the Middle East’s commercial and tourism hub. After a decade, their dreams turned into reality, and Dubai is now considered as one of the richest cities in the region, visited by millions of tourists every year because of the countless activities that the country offers to their guests. Apart from the transformation of Dubai into a premier investment location, local property developers are also credited for changing the city into what it is today. Hussain Sajwani, an Emirati billionaire, assisted the government by building skyscrapers in the city through his real estate and property development firm called DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002, and it was Hussain Sajwani’s answer to the government’s plea of helping them transform the city of Dubai. DAMAC Properties built skyscrapers all over the city, offering residential and commercial options to those who wanted to invest in the project. According to Ebizine, The company was well-received, even by the neighboring countries. After the success of transforming the city, Hussain Sajwani was sent many invitations from foreign real estate developers, asking his company to be their official contractor for construction projects. DAMAC Properties started to construct buildings in some of the major cities all over the Middle East, and they even reached Europe after a project based in London was given to the company.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has become the country’s most successful real estate developer, but he stated that he would never stop. He will continue to expand his business empire, dealing with several business people around the world to invest in various ventures that would multiply his wealth. Recently, the wealthy Emirati businessman opened his new resort in Dubai, and it was attended by the family of United States President Donald Trump since he was one of the investors of the said property. Hussain Sajwani keeps a strong bond with the Trump family, and he stated that more collaborative projects between DAMAC Properties and Trump’s companies would be constructed in the sprawling tourist city. Other than focusing on his business, Hussain also make sure to give back by supporting the needy children.

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