Desiree Perez-A Climb to the Top


The music entertainment industry is dominated by prominent male figures such as R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, David Geffen, and Clive Davis. Desiree Perez relishes and welcomes the opportunity in her role as CEO of Roc Nation. Perez’s history of outstanding leadership is an inspiration to many women all over the globe.

Since becoming Roc Nation’s CEO in 2009, Perez and her team have multi-faceted roles within the music entertainment industry. Some of them include management, merchandising, touring, and television work. She has a solidified presence in music entertainment with more than twenty years of experience. Perez currently remains a driving force taking celebrity careers to the next level.

Desiree Perez has a multitude of success with celebrity clientele’s business endeavors. From transitioning Jay-Z into a highly successful businessman to a multimillion-dollar deal with Samsung for Rhianna, Desire Perez has an unmatched reputation for unparalleled success. This success is driven by Perez’s strong desire to succeed and a “whatever it takes” mentality.

A large part of Desiree Perez’s success as a CEO and businesswoman is her ability to negotiate. Perez’s financial savvy puts her in top position to handle difficult negotiations. These successes as a proven negotiator have created long-standing relationships with her celebrity clients.

Through her amazing and difficult climb on the ladder of success, Desiree Perez remains incredibly humble. She prefers living a quiet lifestyle and her example of determination inspires many of all ages and genders to strive to be the best versions of themselves every day.

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