Eagle Industries Business Development Manager Ronald Fowlkes


Having spent 4 years in the military as a U.S. Department of Defense contractor, Ronald Fowlkes is a Gulf War veteran who gained great knowledge and experience in designing high quality tactical gear for those who are enlisted in the military, as well as for officers who are in law enforcement. He began selling protective gear at a company that he is the co-owner of called First Spear shortly after he completed his tour of duty in the Marine Corp in 1993.


While stationed in the Middle Eastern country of Iraq, Ronald Fowlkes worked in the combat zone, where he assisted other military personnel during tactical operations, which included hostage rescue, evidence collecting, post-bombing analysis and a number of other things. Upon his return to the U.S., he also joined law enforcement departments in the state of Missouri, where he served as a SWAT team leader for 13 years, 10 at the St. Louis Metro Police Department, and 3 at the St. Louis Police Department.


He is currently the Business Development Manager of a company called Eagle Industries Unlimited, which specializes in selling both commercial and law enforcement products that are used for the purpose of personal protection. As the head of his First Spear company, he credits his success at being an effective salesman to being customer-focused, and has expressed that business people should work hard to please their customers, because of the fact that they are what drives growth or advancement in businesses. He has customers in many places all over the country, and he is responsible for training approximately 50 salespeople on the kinds of products his company offers the public.


When Ronald Fowlkes is not busy handling his business duties, he takes time to coach his son’s hockey team. Being that he is a hockey enthusiast, he also writes a blog that is focused on news and activities that are involved with the National Hockey League, or the NHL. He discusses things that have to do with the issues that are within the league, as well as the issues and triumphs of the professional hockey players that belong to it. Whether it’s coaching hockey teams or selling tactical gear, he puts his all into it, and this is the formula that keeps bringing him satisfactory results.


The ex-military and law enforcement officer, who also attended and graduated from Army Jump School, says that the book he’d recommend for all people to read would be one called Lone Survivor by author Marcus Luttrell. He feels that this book gives its readers a good idea of all the sacrifices that have been made and that continue to be made so that everyone can enjoy certain freedoms that so many still take for granted.


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