Finding A NuoDB Service Provider Should Mean More Than Business


When you look for a NuoDB service provider you should be looking at one specific element. How does the NuoDB service provider treat you? You should enter into a contract with a NuoDB provider who treats you as more than just a number.

In this day and age, it is easy to fall into the trap of “it is just business”. While this is okay in some ways, it can hinder how you are treated by the provider.

“Never let the provider treat you as a pawn in the chess game they are playing with you right now”.

1) Find someone who treats with respect. Find someone who cares about establishing something long-term with you, not some fly-by-night deal. The support staff needs to support you in everything you do.

2) Talk to the staff before you hire someone. Find out how they treat you in the beginning. Pay attention to the red flags when they appear. Sometimes the first impression of a service provider can tell you everything you need to know.

3) Are you finding some inconstancies when you speak with the provider? Call them out on their actions. Do this before you sign a deal with them. It may be too late for those who chose to wait.

4) Some service providers like to believe you owe them something. Some of them feel you work for them. It is the other way around. Calling them out on their inconstancies lets them know you are not blind.


In a world that is becoming more corporate, it becomes increasingly necessary to put on your “business bonnet”. Sometimes you have to be smarter than the games they play to find a good NuoDB service provider.

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