Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger


Peter Briger is a leading figure in the financial services sector. He has spent over two decades as a high ranking executive for a couple of the top firms. His most notable experiences have been with Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group. While working at these two firms, Peter Briger has been able to provide solid leadership in order to guide these two firms. Along with being a highly successful professional and executive in the field of finance, Briger has also been someone who is active in his community.

Prior to starting his career in the financial services industry, Peter Briger attended two Ivy League universities. He first finished an undergraduate degree at Princeton University and then a graduate degree at the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. After completing his educational programs, Peter then went on to begin his career and attained employment at Goldman Sachs. While he was working at Goldman Sachs, Peter was involved in managing professionals, overseeing financial asset management and also serving as a partner. His experience at Goldman Sachs allowed him to develop as an expert professional as well as a highly talented executive as well.

After a successful stint at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger looked to pursue other opportunities in the financial services industry. He found this opportunity with the young up and coming investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. As soon as he began employment at Fortress Investment Group, Peter became a part of the management committee. For the next several years, Peter would serve the firm by offering his leadership and expertise. Similar to his experience at Goldman Sachs, Peter was responsible for overseeing the assets held by clients as well as a group of professionals who advised clients. He would later attain two high ranking executive level positions with the firm. Briger currently serves as a high ranking executive.

Over the past several years, Peter has been very much involved in his community. While he was still working in New York City, he was a major contributor to restoring the conservatory of Central Park. When he moved to San Francisco, Peter helped local residents and families attain affordable housing.

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