Glen Wakeman Is A Business Success With A Heart


Glen R. Wakeman has a successful career in transporting the growth of global companies and their assets. Glen is an expert in the field of business acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and helping entrepreneurs in their new market endeavors. His illustrious financial and management career has earned him the respect of his peer worldwide as well as having received numerous corporate leadership awards (

To demonstrate his skillful business savvy, Glen founded Nova Four which is a global consultant firm for new businesses and where he serves as its President. He also founded LaunchPad Holdings, which is a business that further mentors new entrepreneurs who become a global community working together. Mr. Wakeman has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry having attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the University of Scranton. He further achieved a Master of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Chicago (Releasefact).

Glen’s working career centered around his managerial experience at the General Electric Company. He led the division of Consumer Finance-Latin America from 1999 to 2005 as its CEO. Mr. Wakeman worked at General Electric during his early career in such areas as IT development, accounting, and managing a number of national and international departments

Glen R. Wakeman is known as the financial aegis for business entrepreneurs as he uses internet blogs to dispense helpful marketing advice to neophyte companies and to corporate managerial leaderships. Mr. Wakeman is not only known for his business acumen, but for his trusting work ethics.

He continues to help financial and business entrepreneurs by offering advice in his online blogs on his website concerning growing markets, leadership tips, business changes, and global business events. Glen is touted as being a professional with a positive work ethic that never changes. The answer from Glen Wakeman as to his success is based on his life principles, which are: open governance, the best in human capitalism, key leadership, and executing the right strategies.


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