Goettl Diversification St


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have always been a strategic business practice designed to grow companies into a greater portion of market share. At other times, M&A’s are a path to reduce future competition in an industry sector. Yet, with the recent acquisitions by Goettl Air Conditioning throughout the Southwest region, and more recently in the Las Vegas area, the premiere residential HVAC company appears to be facilitating the diversity of target acquisitions.

Both Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air merged with the larger Goettl corporation this month. The benefits for both Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air include an increased reservoir of skill in the plumbing market (a vertical service) as Goettl will benefit from gaining new client opportunities in the commercial HVAC sector.

Diversification is a sharp business strategy that invests excess capital by branching out into new business opportunities, with a secondary goal of receiving a greater return on the reinvestment. Under the leadership of Kenneth Goodrich, Goettl has proven it is following a strong focus on growing in similar vertical markets while expanding its customer reach in the Southwest portions of the United States.

From its Phoenix, Arizona inception by the Goettl Brothers in 1939, the company has moved its base of operations to Las Vegas, Nevada, and has risen to receive accolades in 2017 as ‘Best HVAC Company in Arizona’, proving its skill in maintaining and installation of systems that must endure some of the most harsh HVAC climatic conditions in America.

Goettl’s well-respected brand name and service reputation prompted a purchase of the company by the larger ARS/Rescue Rooter based in Memphis, Tennessee, yet the company continues to operate under its founding name, branding and leadership. Each new venture continues to leverage the company’s foundation of Old World work ethics with increasing technological and geographical escalation.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers a full range of residential and commercial HVAC sales, service, and maintenance programs throughout the Southwestern Regions and the Tennessee Valley.


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