Gustavo Martinez as a successful entrepreneur in the marketing and advertising industry


Gustavo is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the marketing and advertising industry. Gustavo has been in this industry for than three decades and has worked with several firms. Gustavo Martinez is recognized for his great skill of coming up with iconic advertisements.

Also Gustavo advice and educates a lot of entrepreneurs more about marketing and advertising. Martinez has served as the chief executive officer and president for various marketing firms such as Olgivily and Mather, J. water Thompson worldwide, Mc Cann World group, Henkel and Price Waterhouse among others. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench

Gustavo Martinez is from Argentina, but has spent most of his childhood in Spain. His knowledge and skills in marketing, as well as advertising, comes from his education as he graduated from the university if Barcelona with a Ph.D. and a degree in economics.

After his studies, Martinez started working in Europe, America, Asia as well as Latin America and he managed to learn and speak four different languages.

Throughout his career, Gustavo has been dedicated to increasing profits and sales numbers for different kinds of businesses around the globe. Gustavo Martinez has unique marketing plans and has a desire to help clients individually. During his career, Martinez has developed some of the best advertisements that have left a mark on the marketing and advertising industry around the world.

Gustavo Martinez is an open-minded person as he keeps learning new things and taking up challenges and keep him successful in the advertising and marketing industry. Gustavo appreciates modern technology and is proud of the impact the technology has on the marketing industry.

One of the trends that excite him is the ability to predict what a client wants using the consumer’s refrigerator. During an interview, Gustavo was asked about the habits that make him productive, and he said that being generous and active listener helps him to become more productive. Also, Martinez admits that his success in the marketing and advertising industry is due to his positive attitude towards striving for success as well as learning.

Gustavo offers some tips to entrepreneurs which include managing emails wisely, waking up early, setting priorities, taking care of themselves, using a checklist, avoid desk lunches among others. During an interview, Gustavo says that some of the greatest methods he has used to succeed in his marketing business are hiring the best of the best professionals in the industry.

Apart from working hard and being dedicated to his career, Gustavo loves spending his leisure time with friends and family. Gustavo is proud of all his achievements, and his advice to the youths is that they should be patient and be willing to learn.

It’s due to his commitment and willingness to learn that he has become very successful in the advertising and marketing industry.

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