Harry Harrison Is Enjoying Life While Preparing For The Next Step


As Harry Harrison takes the next big step in his career, he is stopping to enjoy the journey that he has experienced so far. After being with Barclays Non-Core for almost 3 decades, he has learned a lot and gathered invaluable amounts of knowledge. For years, Harry Harrison focused his life on being results oriented. While this is still his focused, he has learned that he can enjoy the journey to results just as much.

It’s not just major milestones that deserve to be celebrated. Harry Harrison now realized that even the everyday tasks and steps can be just as enjoyable to achieve. He may not have realized this during his younger years, but he is appreciative that he can put this into practice now.

To be the most efficient, Harry Harrison approaches issues as they arise instead of putting them off for later. While goals can take time, it’s important to not put them off until later and steps should be taken every day to complete them. In his experience, he has also acquired the ability to know when he will need help with certain tasks instead of trying to handle all of the responsibility himself.

Harnessing the power of innovation is one of the things that have made Harry Harrison a success. While it may be risky to take a path that others in the industry may not have considered, it can pay off with major results. Clients are able to see the benefits that these new methods have and are willing to try new things that may be better than the current way of going things. Approaching innovation in this way helped Harry Harrison make Barclay an important player in finances.

In order to do his best in his professional life, Harry Harrison has learned to enjoy his personal life as well. After leaving Barclays, he has taken time for himself to enjoy life and experience the world around him. One of the things that he is enjoying the most during this time is the ability to stay at home and take care of his young children.

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