How Ara Chackerian is Contributing to Sustainability Through Limonapa Teak


Famous entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist Ara Chackerian are now focusing on sustainable practices to grow wood.

This information would require some to cause a double-take since the name of Ara Chackerian is typically associated with healthcare and diagnostic imaging solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. But not only is it true that Chackerian is giving his attention to growing teak, but it also leaves out the very crucial detail that he is specifically targeting sustainable wood farming.

Those who know Ara Chackerian and his previous initiatives that have been focused on providing helpful solutions for the betterment of others wouldn’t be much surprised with this move, simply due to how beneficial sustainability is for everyone on the planet. But it is still quite a curious piece of news due to how this decision differs from Chackerian’s typical field of expertise.

So far, Ara Chackerian had typically been associated with the healthcare industry. Through his investment firm ASC Capital Holdings, where he serves as a managing director, Chackerian has invested into many health solution companies that have subsequently given him a seat at the table as their board member. So what caused the entrepreneur to invest in a teak farm far from home?

For Ara Chackerian, it was the need to ensure that he wasn’t only investing in solutions that contributed to human welfare directly by improving healthcare solutions. He also needed to do something for the betterment of the planet, as well as creating a socioeconomic balance for those whom he could help with his outreach.

Thus, Ara Chackerian invested in Limonapa Teak Farm, which is located in Nicaragua. Through the farm, Chackerian ensures that wood is grown and distributed with ethical practices so that the carbon footprint of such a sector could be reduced.

With it, Ara Chackerian has also ensured to create various high paying jobs in the region, which fulfills his objective of contributing to socioeconomic causes. Along with these practices, Chackerian has also taken the responsibility to spread awareness about sustainable wood farming through his official platforms.

Recently, Ara Chackerian wrote a blog post on his Medium page to promote the practice of alternative furniture materials to use to preserve the planet. Through these initiatives and leading by example, he hopes to bring a substantial difference to the way wood farming is approached by many.

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