Investor Ashley Brasier


From young age, Ashley Lightspeed wanted to be a an architect. However, when she would finally get around to her higher studies, she would realize that it was building businesses she enjoyed more than building actual structures.

Ashley’s higher education took place first at Duke. During this period, she spent some time abroad to study in Copenhagen where her ideas of what she wanted to do in life continued to evolve.

Her first professional job in the financial world came working for Bain as a consultant. She spent a few years there before she began to realize that it was time for a change. This led her to the fast growing world of business in Silicon Valley.

While in Silicon Valley, Ashley Lightspeed got a job with Thumbtack as a Category Manager working in the Events and Weddings categories. There, she realized that she wanted to delve deeper into business, specifically venture capitalism, and decided to pursue further studies. This led her to Stanford Graduate School of Business. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

During her studies, she was not simply hitting the books, she was also exploring work as a consultant and helping young businesses and start-ups get off the ground. It was through these efforts that she came to the conclusion that she enjoys working in several different industries at the same time and that her passion is helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into actual businesses.

Ashley is now a valuable member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. Her job is to work with companies from the beginning to help them find the key to their growth. For her, the secret to her success is craftsmanship. According to Ashley, “craftsmanship is a spirit; it’s a way of building and creating that compels the creator to care deeply for the people they are creating for.”

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