Jeremy Goldstein: A Life in Law and Charitable Causes


In a recent interview of attorney Jeremy Goldstein, there were many facets about his life disclosed that gave some hints as to why the law firm he is associated with is making waves in the corporate world. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is the firm he is a partner in, and he and his fellow counsel focus on large corporations and help them develop standards for governance and compliance.


One of the areas that these more prominent companies need his type of legal assistance in is stockholder compliance. All stockholders get a say in the business even if they only possess a few stocks. Every stockholder no matter how large or small is entitled to a voice. Lawyers, such as Goldstein, make sure that corporations do not violate stockholders rights.


In his interview, Goldstein elaborated his daily practices. One thing he uses to make efficient use of this day is he works on the go. Whether he is in the office or working from home, Jeremy Goldstein finds a way to do business and keep in touch with clients. Technology has been on his side in this arena, and he has taken advantage of some simple tools. For example, he can create documents from wherever he is at, and then he can forward them to his staff or clients. With a particular app, they will receive the paperwork in the form of a PDF. Because PDF documents are so universally used, anyone can open and read it with almost any type of mobile device or laptop. Tools and technology help Jeremy work from anywhere and communicate in a fast manner in a format and style that everyone can use.


Life is not all work and no play for Jeremy Goldstein. In addition to his duties at the law firm, he donates his time to charities that touch his heart. He has been on the board of a foundation that offers mental health help and services to adults. The organization is called Fountain House, and one of their many goals involve teaching individuals who suffer from mental health disorders how to find employment and work in today’s environment.


Jeremy Goldstein is no stranger to hard work. He has worked his way through law school and has achieved becoming a partner at a self-named firm. In addition to him embracing hard work, he gives time to causes that have a positive effect on people’s lives.


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