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The drug abuse and addiction in the country has risen astronomically over the last two decades. Many people who are addicted to certain drugs are unaware of the fact, and refuse any implications to the matter. The dependence on prescription drugs has recently been brought to the fore front, and made knowledgeable to the public.

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The addiction to prescription drugs affect people who would not consider themselves vulnerable, but this is a reality faced by millions of unsuspecting people. The American Addiction Centers want to inform and educate people of the dangers on the prescription drug Benzodiazepine which is found Zanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonopin, and Ambien.

These drugs are prescribed for many different reasons from sleeplessness, stress and anxiety, pain, and other disorders. People who take these pills are not aware of the side effects that could pose a great danger. A person can easily become addicted in a matter of just two months of taking them regularly.

These drugs act on the brain by increasing the chemical that normally slows down brain activity. They cause the individual to become very drowsy and calm. After a period of time, the therapeutic effect can only be achieved by taking larger doses. This particular process is called tolerance where the person develops a craving and a dependency for the drug.

One specific danger of these drugs is that if the person tries to stop, they could experience some severe withdrawal symptoms that include death. Benzos, as they are known, cause dorpamine surges. This means that the brain associates these surges with joy, and the brain is wired to repeat these pleasures.

The brain cells begin to require the drug, and this is hard for it to ignore. The number of people using Benzodiazepines is greatly increasing at a rapid rate. This should not be the first choice of medication. Discuss the options with your doctor before hand.

There is information on the warning signs, the withdrawals symptoms, and the treatments available for those who use the drug, and their family members.

The American Centers urge people to learn about the cognitive impairment that Benzos can cause like memory loss. This can be improved once a person tapers off the drug gradually, but fatal over doses can occur when they are mixed with alcohol or other depressants. Although some of these drugs are taken for anxiety, this could also be a symptom of withdrawal.

Some of the signs and symptoms of Benzodiazepine abuse include blurred vision, weakness, slurred speech, drowsiness, poor judgement, lack of coordination, dizziness, and trouble breathing. It is important to see a doctor if any of these signs occur while taking the drug. They will also exhibit traits that are uncharacteristic.

The American Addiction Centers offers a list of uncharacteristic behavior that can be observable in those who abuse Benzos.

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They include withdrawing from family, friends, and responsibility, borrowing money or stealing, engaging in risk taking behaviors, less attentive to personal hygiene and grooming, a change in their mood or personality, lying, secrecy, and asking others for their Benzos.

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