LocationSmart Pioneers Cybersecurity For Enhancing Overall


Now more than ever, protecting the identities of one’s employees and customers is of the utmost importance. What many companies do not realized is that cybersecurity can be used for some much more. LocationSmart has be able to create innovative ways that IP addresses can be used to enhance security measures for a business by ensuring copyright infringement, controlling traffic and data engagement, as well as being able to better interact with their customers.


The security that LocationSmart offers also extends to ensuring the company’s compliance to local regulations. Particularly important for industries where regulations vary between each state, LocationSmart offers firms a way to ensure their products and services are abiding by local laws and regulations. This can be achieved by the software being able to determine the user’s location in real time. With this information, the network administrators are able to immediately shut down or allow access to each and every user based on their immediate location.


As companies become more and more global, their employees are more apt to interface with their employer’s database from remote locations using various devices. While this may typically pose a threat to security, the IP addresses used to access this data can actually be used to provide even more protection for the company. As LocationSmart has exemplified, location APIs can be used to detect real time threats as well as be able to track the who, what, where, when and how of every piece of data that is accessed from their network.


By being able to access and determine specific user’s location information, businesses have the ability to offer better interaction between companies and their clients. LocationSmart advises that by using the data collected from who is accessing their databases from where, firms are able to create more target specific advertising and marketing efforts in order to increase profitability while offering potential for penetration into previously untapped markets.


LocationSmart is a global leader in location APIs. The firm provides a cloud-based platform that provides location services for business throughout the United States and the world. Founded in 1995 by Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti, LocationSmart helps to provide companies secure ways to interact with their customers in real time by being able to create pop-ups and targeted marketing to their clients while he or she is interacting with their network.


By allowing companies the ability to access their user’s location information, LocationSmart has enabled their clients to gain more security for their proprietary data while providing enhanced security to their clients and employees. Businesses are also afforded the ability to ensure their operations are running at optimal capacity. Their innovative solutions and exceptional application of their technology has cemented LocationSmart as a worldwide cybersecurity pioneers.


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