Malcolm CasSelle Creates WAX Tokens


Malcolm CasSelle in an innovator in the virtual trade industry who holds degrees from MIT and Stanford. He has founded, cofounded and been involved in dozens of companies some of them include, Netnoir, Xfire, and his newest company WAX.

WAX Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that CasSelle hopes will succeed on the heels of the success seen by his previous involvement in OpSkins, a marketplace that specializes in selling weapon skins for games such as CS:GO.

WAX intends to provide its customers with a secure means of conducting trades that involve virtual goods such as items in video games. WAX doesn’t want to do the trading for you though, WAX wants to enable to to be able to create your own store with-in its platform. Malcolm CasSelle plans to create an eBay-like platform for virtual items.

Gamers who plan to buy and sell their goods on CasSelle’s network will have to participate in the circulation of WAX Tokens. When a consumer wishes to purchase a virtual item they will have to exchange a different currency for the tokens then use the tokens to purchase from a seller. The seller can then hold onto his WAX Tokens or exchange them for a currency of his choosing immediately. The entire process is handled over blockchain to guarantee the best possible security. WAX has provided all the tools you need to begin trading in the form of a widget over-lay.

In addition to his business in the video game and cryptocurrency industries, Malcolm CasSelle is involved in publishing. Tronc, Inc, is a publisher of physical newspapers and online media. The company is responsible for many of the nations most prominent names in news. The Chicago Tribune, The New York Daily News, and The Sun-Sentinel are some of the many newspapers that are published by Tronc. CasSelle has been CTO president of new ventures at the publishing company since early 2016.

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