Matthew Fleeger CEO And President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC


Matthew Fleeger has proven himself a true leader with exceptional capabilities in creating and managing some well-known, highly successful companies with a strong vision and drive for growth and expansion.

Fleeger earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on financing and marketing from Southern Methodist University, in 1985. He then went to work for several oil and gas companies between 1986 and 1993, including Gulf Coast Western, LLC., a company founded by his father, in the U.S Gulf Coast region.

Fleeger then went on to build the first of several companies, MedSolutions,Inc. MedSolutions offers waste disposal solutions for medical waste produced by the healthcare industry. Between the years of 1993 and 2007, under Fleegers’s leadership, MedSolutions grew to become a regional leader in the industry and after a decade, as CEO and President, Matthew negotiated a deal with national waste disposal leader, Stericycle,Inc and sold MedSolutions for an estimated $59 million

After MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to the oil and gas industry and assumed the role of CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western,LLC. Since taking the helm, the company has experienced tremendous success and the company’s future endeavors, in the oil and gas industry will bring extraordinary growth, under his leadership.

Fleeger later created two more successful companies in the tanning industry. Palm Beach Tan which grew into a national chain of indoor tanning businesses and Mystic Tan, another highly successful national spray-on tanning booth company. Combining revenues for these companies are near $100 million.

Matthew Fleeger’s successful ventures and exceptional leadership skills speaks in abundance for his passion and drive as a truly successful and diversified business leader.

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