Mr. David McDonald President of OSI Group Making A Difference


Mr. David McDonald is currently serving as president and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC in the Great Lakes region of the United States. He is acting project manager of OSI industries and is also Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Mr. McDonald holds a degree in animal science from Iowa State University.

Improving Sustainability through Innovative Thinking

David McDonald demonstrates his forward thinking in several aspects of his innovative approach. Taking the step to incorporate product development by partnering with clients is key to creating growth while encouraging suppliers to meet the demand signal to achieve increased sales. David McDonald fully understands the necessity to provide quality products that are tasty and healthy. David credits his CEO with pushing his troops to create more energy which in turn offers more food choices and in the end more significant to customers. OSI currently does business in 16 countries. David McDonald proves capability to think outside the box by expanding his efforts to grow OSI Group in Europe. Called the Flagship Europe OSI, the line hosts a variety of items. What is noteworthy was the addition of Baho Food which is hosted by Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods has recently linked arms with OSI Group LLC. This is no small achievement for David McDonald as president with Baho bringing five subsidiaries to the table, with a total of 18 countries being served is a huge success in way of providing sustainability for OSI Group. In fact, officials have stated that this transaction is pivotal “to accelerate growth and reach new customers with a broader portfolio.”

The Growth Doesnt Stop There

To take it a step further OSI Group under the leadership of David McDonald also recognized the ability of reaching as far away as China as OSI accomplished in 1992. The mentality that global companies can be local in nature, and cannot be a cookie cut out to fit all. It is apparent that OSI Group LLC is in good hands under the leadership of David McDonald. His innovative way of thinking has provided the insight to paving the way to broaden the scope and reach of OSI Group LLC globally. David McDonald also understands the critical importance of emphasizing the highest quality product which is healthy and tasty. Important variables to realize in way of continuing to grow and sustain a successful organization.

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