Nicolas Krafft, The General Manager of L’Oreal Paris


Nicolas Krafft is a professional businessman who is experienced in developing businesses using strategic planning. He is conversant with marketing and helping companies develop and make them prosper. Currently, he is working at L’Oreal Paris Company as the General Manager of Pulp Riot of the company. He has been working at the company for long and plays a vital role in developing the brand.

L’Oreal Paris is a beauty and fashion brand which is well known in France. The company is equipped with highly professional and skilled fashionist and beauticians who produce quality services to its clients. It also has some professional hairstylist and a full multi-disciplinary team which is dedicated to serving its clients and giving them an impressive look.

Nicolas Krafft was working as the brand’s Vice President of Global Development before he was promoted to be the manager of the firm. During his time as the leader of global development, Nicolas Krafft played a role in advertising and marketing the brand to the world. Nowadays the company is famous, and it is known in many countries. As a result, L’Oreal Paris has increased its client base, and it is now scaling to greater heights.

Early this year, L’Oreal Paris conducted a fashion show at the center of the heart of France, Paris. Many celebrities attended the show, and also ordinary people were allowed to participate in. At the same time, the company used the show as a way of advertising its services and products to the public to increase its client base. It was held on a 60 meter run away at the River Seine Stage, and some of the models who participated in the show included Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgeon and Elle Fanning.

L’Oreal Paris used the platform to showcase its creativity in the field of fashion and design. It made over 60 hairstyles and makeup looks which manifested the culture of the French people. Celebrities including actors, TV personalities and other famous models attended the show making it fun and enjoyable.

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