Why Use Cleansing Conditioners From WEN By Chaz?


Wen By Chaz is one of the best conditioners for someone to use when they want to have the best possible head of hair, and they will be much more pleased with their results by this treated conditioner makes them feel and look much better. People can use this conditioner to get some amazing results that they would not have seen with any other conditioner, and there are some things that will happen when using this conditioner below.


  1. What Is The Wen By Chaz Treated Conditioner?


Wen has been treated with the right chemicals to make the hair on anyone’s ahead start to thicken. They will get much more growth out of their hair because of this conditioner, and it helps the follicles underneath start to grow their own hair. People end up with much thicker hair as a result, and that is something that could change the way they see themselves.


  1. How Much Is Needed?


Wen by Chaz was specifically designed so that only a small drop of the conditioner is needed. It will cover the whole head very well, and it will sink into the different parts of the scalp that need to grow out. Women often benefit from this conditioner most because they need a lot of undergrowth if they want to see their hair get thicker.


  1. Thinning Hair


Women and men who have thinning hair should try the Wen.com brand right away because it allows them to treat their hair every day with just a small amount. The thinning hair will be treated, and it is much less likely to shed and fall out. People who have thinning hair see it fall out in the shower, and they are afraid of brushing or styling because their hair is not strong enough.


  1. Daily Treatment


Wen by Chaz Dean is perfect because it allows people to treat their hair daily. They are not overdoing it by using something like this, and they can keep using it even if they have reached their goals for hair growth. The product allows them to keep their hair as thick and healthy as possible, and they become more confident because they start styling, change their signature style, and even share it with friends. IT becomes a lifeline for someone who hates their hair, and it could give a lady her confidence back after a bout with thin hair.


Steve Ritchie: Leading Papa John’s Forward


Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa John’s, has stepped up to lead the company forward in a positive direction. His handling of the recent challenges facing Papa John’s is a timely example of how to do things right in the corporate world. In a heartfelt letter to customers, he took steps to apologize for the recent behavior of others and outlined steps the company plans to take to reshape the corporate culture moving forward. In the letter, Ritchie outlined the action plan the company is embarking upon. The action steps are:

  • Utilization of outside experts to help the company assess current corporate culture, diversity and inclusion practices, to help the company in setting goals moving forward.
  • Reaching out to franchises and employees around the country, through on-site visits from senior management personnel, to gain insight on ways to improve.
  • A promise of transparency throughout the process of moving the company forward.

For the 120,000 corporate and franchise employees that make up Papa John’s, this is undoubtedly welcome news.

Through his letter and action plan, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is showing determination to not just lead the company forward, but also to do what is right. Despite recent setbacks and missteps, he is showing that with honesty and hard work the company can regain its footing and continue to grow. His commitment to transparency throughout the process is an important step in regaining and maintaining the trust of customers and employees.

Steve Ritchie’s actions show the right steps and attitude to take within the corporate world when faced with a challenge threatening the future of a company. Displaying honesty and empathy in this situation demonstrates the leadership needed to put Papa John’s back on the road to success. Steve Ritchie’s choice to be apologetic, honest, and empathetic is the smart move to bring the company forward into a brighter future.

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Oren Frank Is Making Talkspace Better With New Changes Happening


Brief: Talkspace is an online program that allows people the chance to speak to a professional therapist through text or video. It’s an affordable new program that does not require insurance or healthcare. If you need mental health professionals guiding you through your week, this company can help you.

Oren Frank is a professional chief medicine offer who is now going to work with Talkspace. With his special knowledge and experience, he will be making huge changes to the world of Talkspace and how they operate business. Frank is a part of UnitedHealth, and they needed him and his expertise to help build this enterprise on numerous levels. Building their brand is about having the right medicinal officers in charge for future developments and changes. Their goal is to start prescribing medicine through the app.

Talkspace is the right kind of brand to help provide a solution to those struggling with their mental health. Talkspace is an online platform that provides ordinary people with access to the world’s best therapists at their fingertips. Talkspace is an affordable weekly payment option that connects you to a professional certified therapist that can help you with your pressing needs. Everything from panic attacks to depression, your therapist can coach and guide you on a daily basis so you get back to living a normal and active life.

Talkspace patients know that sometimes medication must be utilized, and this is when you should start having licensed people involved with medications to jump in. Somebody like Oren Frank from UnitedHealth is the perfect man to help solve this pressing issue. Brought on for the need of developing this company, Frank is here to help provide a seriously powerful solution that enables for therapists to prescribe the right medication to the right people.

Talkspace is a safe option for those who are going through serious depression and anxiety. It’s a scary feeling to not have anybody to talk to during a difficult time, but Talkspace allows the opportunity to be safe and open the door to get help without having to leave home. This is a real life solution.