Boraie Now Offers Homes in Their Attractive North Beach Residential Complex


Boraie Development has a new apartment complex project in the Atlantic City area that includes the execution of a three-structure edifice. Thus, Boraie believes that the North Beach residential project is going to continue to be the most attractive residential complex presently available for individuals who wish to live in Atlantic City. The property managers in Boraie declared that they designed each apartment to provide the accommodation that people are seeking to possess.This residential project on North Beach is additionally in an unusually sought-after neighborhood that is close to the center of the town.

At the same time, Boraie is a company that is committed to making Atlantic City a more enjoyable place. Boraie is banking on the possibility that their outstanding North Beach complex is going to grow into the most elegant apartment housing project in the area. The plaza at the heart of the North Beach complex also contains an array of stunning facilities that constitute an astonishingly scenic communal environment. Additionally, Boraie is presently offering units to new residents in their North Beach complex in Atlantic City. Boraie feels honored that the North Beach complex will be a cost-effective solution for people in the area who may wish to live close to the coast. On the other hand, Boraie was very intelligent when they designed this complex, and they arranged all their North Beach apartments around a large and attractive central area. Also, a primary reason why Boraie built this complex is that Atlantic City is unquestionably a beautiful area.

Nitin Khanna: The Djing Influential CEO


Sometimes it becomes so exciting when a top man, in this case, a world-class CEO, comes out to drop beats as a DJ at some time in the day. Nitin Khanna, who is a CEO to a multi-million-dollar international company, a movie maker and father, also works as a professional DJ. He joins other influential CEOs and entrepreneurs like David Solomon, also known as DJ SOL – the CEO of Goldman Sachs and Guy Laliberte – the founder of Cirque de Solei in the profession. As the trio DJ, they have always sent a strong message to the world that we can minimize burnouts and anxiety at workplaces.

Though Nitin Khanna was initially working as a DJ under the name DJ Kitten, he had not heard of electronic music. He first encountered the music at the age of 38 at Burning Man, whereby his passion for Djing grew. All along, he has been Djing amidst operating his multi-million-dollar companies while assisting local entrepreneurs in Portland by giving them funds. At regular times, Khanna prepares playlists and releases them to his Soundcloud for all the people interested in electronic music to listen. His employees are not exceptional; they listen to the music of their boss, which also inspires them and other people around the world big time by restraining them from switching off.

His journey as an entrepreneur began when he completed his Industrial Engineering course at the Bachelors and Masters Levels in the US. He then started a company called Saber Corp that dealt with the production of software solutions. He sold the company in 2007 to the US Government at the cost of $420 million and went back to Portland to assist the young entrepreneurs. In 2008, he began another company called MergerTech, together with his brother. Nitin Khanna became an expert in mergers and acquisitions, and he helped many people with exit and merger strategies.

Nitin Khanna proceeded with his Djing career, along with his entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2017, they formed a group with three other people to create a unique and exceptional night-life entertainment at the historic building in Portland. This gave him an excellent experience to play and enjoy music with friends.

Nitin Khanna advises workers and even the executives that they should not use their own time to work. They should find time to relax and pursue their hobbies to avoid burnouts.

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Toyo Setal Produces Contract-Winning Proposal


Toyo Setal is an industrial company from Brazil. They are well-established; and have been responsible for some of their country’s biggest infrastructure projects. The main objective of Toyo Setal is to aid in the development and completion of complex projects. What has made the international company such a success is their ability to provide tactful service. TS has consistently proven itself able to adapt to various industries; when working on a given project. One of the most recent successes of the company has been winning the Rio de Janeiro contract. In a bidding process that took more than a year to finalize, Toyo Setal won the rights to develop the Petrochemical Complex in Rio de Janeiro.

The deadline for the project’s completion is 18 months. The initial contract bidding started in 2015. After discrepancies surfaced in the paperwork, the process was stalled for a couple of years. Prior to winning the big contract, Toyo Setal did their research on the company they would be working with. By studying past projects and current analytics, TS from Brazil was able to present a tactful proposal; that ultimately won them the contract. The partnering company is developer giant, Petrobras. They are now the biggest contracted project that Toyo Setal has.

One of the immediate benefits of this project is that it will produce more 5,000 new job opportunities for Brazil. This will boost the local economy in a major way. The Petrochemical Complex project has arrived right on time. The city of Rio de Janeiro has been in an economic crisis for years; due to a shortage of employment chances. The Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex is set to be a massive oil refinery. Although slightly different from the initial plan; COMPERJ will produce hundreds of thousands of oil barrels every day. This will fuel an already booming gasoline industry.