Dress and Design for Success With Academy of Art University


Many people have heard about dressing for success. However, people who go to Academy of Art University are going to not only learn how to dress for success but also how to design for success. One thing about fashion is that this is the artistic industry that people are going to be involved with for all of the days of their lives. When people are wearing clothes, they are wearing fashion. However, those that are very serious about the art of fashion are going to be the ones that are actually enjoying the art form of sewing and even trying on the clothing that they are creating.

One thing that Academy of Art University does was showcase the future of fashion. For one thing, they have trained up and inspired plenty of upcoming artists for the fashion industry. They are the ones that are going to make a difference in the industry and the world as a whole. Those that are truly passionate about the fashion they are designing can actually look at all of the designs of the world and take inspiration from them. Then they can come up with some items that are going to blend different styles and cultures in an awe inspiring way.

One of the best things about studying fashion design is that people will have the choice to either start their own brand or take over a brand for someone else. There are some big name brands that can be changed for the better. One good thing about the fashion industry is that it is allowing people to truly express their own sense of art through their design. They are also coming up with items that are going to change the fashion industry. One way they will do it is by inspiring some of the masses.


How Dr. Dov Rand Follows An Evidence-Based Approach When Caring For Patients


Dr. Dov Rand, MD, is a physician who specializes in age management medicine. He has been working in that specialty for the past seven years and he has more than 22 years of experience overall as a medical doctor. He uses vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormone balancing, and weight loss to help his patients manage or avoid age-related diseases and conditions. His office is called Health Aging Medical Centers and it is located in West Orange, New Jersey.


Ask the Expert

People who are experiencing age-related problems, or want to avoid them, go to Dr. Dov Rand’s offices where he provides health and wellness services. The protocols he follows are evidence-based and the result of many years of peer-reviewed research. In addition to treating his patients he also educates them, including handing out informational materials. Dr. Dov Rand encourages his patients to be proactive when it comes to their health.

Dr. Dov Rand also specializes in helping women who are experiencing menopause. He gives them a variety of options to treat their symptoms which can include hot flashes, night sweats, depression, low libido, and general fatigue among them. He helps women who are menopausal continue to enjoy their lives to its fullest by minimizing or even eliminating these symptoms.


Wellness Therapy

The IV Nutrient Therapy that Dr. Dov Rand treats his patients with is part of his comprehensive approach to medicine. For patients who wish to undergo this therapy their blood is drawn and then examined which includes genetic testing. Dr. Rand then prescribes a vitamin treatment regimen that is personalized to what they will most benefit from. Dr. Dov Rand says that this therapy can help reduce the pain and suffering of his patients who are experiencing a chronic disease or a terminal illness.

As a researcher in addition to being a medical doctor, Dr. Dov Rand has released research papers about regenerative medicine. Dr. Dov Rand explained in this research that people have both good and bad hormones which, as people get older, fall out of balance. This is because the good hormones reduce in numbers over time. He helps his patients restore their hormone balances so that they can live longer, healthier lives.


Glen Wakeman Is A Business Success With A Heart


Glen R. Wakeman has a successful career in transporting the growth of global companies and their assets. Glen is an expert in the field of business acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and helping entrepreneurs in their new market endeavors. His illustrious financial and management career has earned him the respect of his peer worldwide as well as having received numerous corporate leadership awards (https://angel.co/glen-wakeman).

To demonstrate his skillful business savvy, Glen founded Nova Four which is a global consultant firm for new businesses and where he serves as its President. He also founded LaunchPad Holdings, which is a business that further mentors new entrepreneurs who become a global community working together. Mr. Wakeman has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry having attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at the University of Scranton. He further achieved a Master of Business Administration in Finance at the University of Chicago (Releasefact).

Glen’s working career centered around his managerial experience at the General Electric Company. He led the division of Consumer Finance-Latin America from 1999 to 2005 as its CEO. Mr. Wakeman worked at General Electric during his early career in such areas as IT development, accounting, and managing a number of national and international departments

Glen R. Wakeman is known as the financial aegis for business entrepreneurs as he uses internet blogs to dispense helpful marketing advice to neophyte companies and to corporate managerial leaderships. Mr. Wakeman is not only known for his business acumen, but for his trusting work ethics.

He continues to help financial and business entrepreneurs by offering advice in his online blogs on his website concerning growing markets, leadership tips, business changes, and global business events. Glen is touted as being a professional with a positive work ethic that never changes. The answer from Glen Wakeman as to his success is based on his life principles, which are: open governance, the best in human capitalism, key leadership, and executing the right strategies.


Stansberry Research Provides the Necessary Advice For New Investors


Stansberry Research is a financial research organization, providing subscribing investors with up to date news from around the world. In a recent analysis of commodities, the research company revealed that one popular commodity has taken a downturn. Stansberry advises against investing in this popular product for the time being (Indeed).


There are no Grounds for Investing in Coffee

All commodities fluctuate on the market. It’s just the nature of the beast and, very often, a big boom will be followed by just as substantial a bust. In relation to coffee, the market is quickly falling out of love with the popular bean. If trends go as predicted, the price of coffee will continue to drop.

Stansberry Research cites the Commitment of Traders (COT) report, which shows that investors are giving up on coffee in droves. As the commodity is abandoned, prices will plummet. However, there is a silver lining in this news. Previously, the price of coffee has taken a nose dive and bounced back with another boom. This happened in 2014 and again in 2015. Each time, the price of coffee saw a spike within an 11-month period. This means investors who buy into coffee just as the prices begin to climb may eventually see an impressive return on their investments.


The Principles That Guide Stansberry Research

Subscribers find Stansberry worthwhile, because they stay devoted to their guiding principles, giving investors an ethical basis upon which they can rely. First, Stansberry strives to provide valuable information by trying to understand the investor’s needs. Second, the research and analysis they publish is only of the same quality that they would share with their own families. By striving to give only the most reliable data, Stansberry Research engenders trust among its subscribers.

Stansberry employs a number of experienced financial analysts, each of whom has a unique investment strategy of his or her own. This helps Stansberry Research provide a range of opinions, based on market trends and facts. In this way, subscribers can consider an investment from multiple angles, before making a decision. While this approach brings more diversity to its research, Stansberry Research remains focused on delivering investment opportunities with an eye towards better risk management.


What Bruno Fagali Has To Offer


The corporate world needs people who understand how to handle the situations that can come up and will give their all to any situation. Bruno Fagali has done everything he can helping corporations in Brazil deal with the various issues that might come up regarding the law. His experience has allowed him to make corporate integrity his specialty and it certainly sows. Others who have thought abut looking into his expertise are amazed by the sheer amount of work he has done in such little time.

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That talent for finding the best way to solve any situation and going for it is why he has managed to reach the heights that he has and why there continues to be so many people who are interested in what changed the way people in Brazil think about corporations. There is a serious need for people like him in the business world because they are the main reason anything happens in the way that it needs to. Fagali has gained so much of his expertise and experience through years of training and education, but he continues to grow yet. He graduated in University of Sao Paolo. He works as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB.

Corporate integrity is not something to be taken lightly. No matter what people think about the process of making the billion dollar giants we see in the business world, there needs to be a way to integrate various companies into one whole entity. This is exactly what allows much of what we’ve seen in the past and what drives the future now. Bruno Fagali is just one man in this entire system.

Check more about Bruno Fagali: https://portal.comunique-se.com.br/newsdino/?title=advogado-e-engenheiro-criam-app-que-auxilia-implementacao-de-programa-de-compliance-nas-empresas-destaca-bruno-fagali&partnerid=33&releaseid=150278

The Integration Of Science And Medicine On A Worldwide Scale-A Vision Of Dr. Mark Holterman


Besides being a pediatric physician, Dr. Mark Holterman is a businessman who is devoted to making life better for mankind. He is not just content to make lives better one child at a time. His focus has to be a force for good on a global level. He understands that technology has made the goal of taking modern medicine to all parts of the globe is a reality. Dr. Mark Holterman is intent on making his mark far beyond the reach of a single physician. This is where the business part of Dr. Mark Holterman comes into play.


Vision of Modern Medicine

Mariam Global Health is one instrument Dr. Mark Holterman is using to further his vision of modern medicine on a worldwide scale. Dr. Holterman has recruited investors who share his vision of using biotechnology to spread the tremendous advances in modern medicine to patients in all places on earth. Dr. Mark Holterman has the vision to say that what one patient here in the United States experiences should be available to every potential patient no matter where he or she resides (Facebook).

There is no limit to the scope and reach of Mariam Global Health. The marriage of science and medicine has the potential to alter mankind in ways that can a person cannot fully comprehend. Fortunately, Dr. Mark Holterman has the concept to see and imagine what others cannot see. That is major part of the potential of Mariam Global Health.

Dr. Mark Holterman has found through his work with Mariam Global Health that not all of his ideas work out. He is not afraid to discard those ideas that do not further the cause of the organization. The ability of Dr. Mark Holterman to realize that not all of his ideas meet the practical test is a key to his success. He believes that continuing to pursue an idea when it is apparent that it should be discarded is a fault. Dr. Mark Holterman is willing to let an idea go so he can pursue ideas that work for Mariam Global Health. He is just the person to make his vision a reality.


Jorge Moll: A Savant of Generosity


It is widely known that in 2004, a tsunami caused catastrophic devastation in Thailand. Countless stories of loss of property and lives have spawned from this unfortunate event. One story speaks about a couple (Petra & Simon) that was vacationing in a resort town on Thailand. On the fateful day of December 26, 2004, the tsunami struck which changed their life forever. Simon was killed and Petra was gravely injured. Despite a long recovery process, a year later, Petra had a great desire to return to the site of the tsunami devastation to assist children in the aftermath.

This courageous act of giving raises some questions. Why are we as humans compelled to give to others despite our own adversities? Why is there an overwhelming feeling of joy when we do something nice for someone? These are questions that Jorge Moll’s research attempts to answer.

Dr. Moll was once co-conducted an experiment with a team of neuroscientists (Idor). Their research included scanning the brains of subjects while they visualized either giving money to charity, or keeping the money for themselves. Another study involved having individuals actually contribute monetary donations to charities. Dr. Moll’s experiment had nineteen participants involved. Each had the possibility of receiving $128.00. To make things more interesting, each of the participants were given the option to donate, not donate or to receive money for themselves. There were times where the choice to donate or not to donate resulted in test subjects losing some of the $128.00. On average, $51.00 of the $128.00 was donated by the subjects and the rest was kept for themselves.

There was one amazing finding about the study that Dr. Moll participated in. The outcome of the experiment showed that when the study participants replaced their desires with the needs of others, the same part of the brain that activates in response to food or sex becomes activated. Therefore, the study helps to strengthen the argument that by giving to others, it can help one to be happier emotionally and physically. Dr. Jorge Moll’s groundbreaking work can truly serve as a catalyst to change the way we view helping others. Ultimately, by learning to help others, we can heal our own emotional wounds over time.

Jorge Moll is an accomplished neurologist hailing from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The thesis that he wrote in 2003 for his Ph.D. is entitled “fMRI In Moral Judgment and Sensitivity“. This title speaks directly to the work conducted by Dr. Moll in the experiment that showed the effects of altruism on the human brain. Part of Jorge Moll’s expertise is in studying neurofeedback in regards to empathy, charity, benevolence and attitude in their relation to the overall well-being of humans.


Graham Edwards, Telereal and Fine Choices


Graham Edwards works for Telereal Trillium Ltd as part of its management division. He’s the company’s Chief Executive Officer and has functioned as so since its earliest days (Globalgracemissions). Telereal Trillium was created back in 2001. Telereal Trillium is based in the heart of London, England in the United Kingdom. It’s a firm that handles all kinds of investment and commercial property management responsibilities.

Graham Edwards had another job before his time with Telereal Trillium. He was Talisman Global Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer. He worked for other businesses even before that. They included BT Group Plc and Merrill Lynch. He was a finance leader for the former and an investment management fund supervisor for the latter. Graham Edwards was in the property sector of BT Group Plc.

This executive learned at Cambridge University. He chose economics to be his number one topic there. He’s part of ACA or the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He’s part of ASIP or the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals, the AMCT or the Association of Corporate Treasurers and FRICS or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He’s a FRICS fellow. Another school that Edwards went to is called King’s College in London.

Education was practically a way of life for Graham Edwards when he was a lot younger. The University of Cambridge was a life-changing experience for him. His Master of Arts degree helped him get ready for a career that was all about doing big things. He went to the University of Cambridge between the years of 1984 and 1987. He did a lot of learning at King’s College later on.

Telereal Trillium is the work of two big companies merging. Trillium and Telereal did so back in 2009. They had a lot in common then. There were both a couple of outsourcing players. Graham Edwards is the person who made the decision to get in contact with Trillium. He got in contact with Trillium’s chief executive, a man by the name of Ian Ellis. Edwards indicates that he phoned Ellis right after getting wind of Trillium making its way into the scene.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives Outstanding Reviews for Her Lifelong Commitment to Her Work


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s dedication to her chosen field can be seen as early as her college years. Her commitment to her studies earned her the privilege of being chosen as salutatorian of her graduating class from the medical extension of the University of Texas. Prior to that, she had graduated from the University of Texas with honors after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in biology. The dedication she exhibited to her studies also earned her an educational scholarship from the Vaughn Foundation for the years of 1995, 96 and 97. After that she went on to receive more scholarships and awards for her continuing educational efforts.

After graduating with high honors from the University of Texas’s medical branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden was offered a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. Although this meant leaving her hometown of Austin, she chose to accept the position, which propelled her on her way toward a career in plastic surgery. She also decided to specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery, which led her to contribute articles on topics of relevance within her field to numerous publications, some of which led to live conference presentations.

Although Dr. Walden has been a leading figurehead in the field of cosmetic surgery, she still retains a down to earth manner with her patients. Currently operating her own clinic back in her hometown of Austin, Texas, she assists patients with procedures that range from breast augmentations to Botox injections. She operates her clinic with a focus on providing high quality patient service, which includes making sure patients receive the information needed to make better choices about the procedures they want performed. The clinic also offers a relaxed atmosphere to help put patients at ease. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients have often described her as being friendly, knowledgeable, compassionate and generally amazing.


How to Get Out of Debt with Southridge Capital


If you’re tired of living with debt problems and don’t know how to resolve them yourself, you need to use a company like Southridge Capital. Southridge has been a financial expert for years, so they’re trustworthy and highly reliable when handling all sorts of debt problems. You will also enjoy the low cost of using all of the Southridge Capital services open to you, so you’re not putting out a lot just to get what you need out of your finances. Before you go ahead and use any other company, be sure to give these experts a try and see if they can help you.


The way that Southridge works is by incorporating their own techniques into the different financial problems that you have right now. Once they are able to do this, they can talk to your creditors and get your debts settled once and for all. Plus, when you make use of Southridge, you’re not spending a lot in the first place, so you’re not going to be charged too much for the type of service that is being done. There are a ton of different people, both individuals and those who own businesses, who have been making good use of the firm and noticing that the company to be one of the best that they have ever used. Check out citybizlist.com for more.



According to Newswire, there are lots of reasons for you to make use of this agency and understand that your debt will finally be gone for good. You should never attempt to reconcile your debts with the actual creditors who you owe money to. Because of how many people are doing this, they are coming away owing a lot more money than they ever thought possible, so make sure that you contact these pros and see if they are going to be able to assist you and get your debt behind you for good. There are a lot of people who have made use of Southridge and are finding them to be a great choice for all of their financial options and the fact that they will no longer live with debt ever again.



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