A Look At 5AM Venture’s Scott Rocklage


Scott Rocklage, PhD, is a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures. This company is a venture capital firm with a focus on advanced life science technologies in the fields of medical technology, research instruments, and biopharmaceuticals. With his extensive medical background, Dr. Rocklage is heavily involved in researching the medical advances and drugs potential at firms that 5AM Ventures is interested in investing in.

Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University of California, Berkley with a degree in Chemistry. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before joining 5AM Ventures he had a long career in healthcare management and research within the field of medicine. He held a number of research and development positions at Salutar and Catalytica. He has also held a number of executive-level positions including the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive of Nycomed Interventional. He was also the CEO and President of Nycomed Salutar and the Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

During his career Dr. Scott Rocklage has led six drug candidates into clinical trials. He has successfully had three drugs approved by the Federal Drug Administration; Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. He has written more than 100 scientific papers that have been published in peer-reviewed publications and holds over 30 patents for inventions he has either invented or co-invented.

Dr. Rocklage sits on a number of Boards for pharmaceutical companies. Among these he is the Chairman of the Board of Relypsa, Achaogen, and Semprus. He also serves on the Boards for Pulmatrix, Variation, and WaveRx.

A Financial Expert Making A Name For Himself In The Industry – Sam Tabar


Sam Tabar has a background both in the financial world as well as legal. In 2000 he Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oxford in Jurisprudence. He went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Law from Columbia law school. He has worked the roles of both a lawyer and financing during his career.

After getting his master’s Tabar found his first professional career working as an Attorney at the Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Associates law firm in New York City. He held this position for six years before he jumped at an opportunity to be the Managing Director for Sparx Group/PMA.

His roles with this company had him splitting his time between New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Sam Tabar was particularly suited for this role not only due to his educational and professional background but also because, in addition to English, he is fluent in Japanese and French. Read more at him at: Sam Tabar: A Great Mind For Investments

Four years later Tabar spotted another opportunity to reach higher in his profession and accepted a role as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy at the distinguished financial firm Merrill Lynch. One of the most important aspects of his position at Merrill Lynch was to create and foster introductions between institutional investors in both New York and Hong Kong.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is very good at this and during his time with the firm he was ranked #1 in Capital Introductions amongst his peers. This role required him to perform careful research about each financial managers investment strategies so that the institutional investor and money manager were the best possible fit.

In late 2014 Sam Tabar was tapped to be a Partner at FullCycleFund. He has raised a significant amount of capital for the company in his time with them. As part of his efforts, he has created a list of 450 highly coveted investors that FullCycleFund has targeted.

Tabar also is responsible for the day-to-day operations of FullCycleFund and uses his background in the law to handle the firm’s legal, tax, compliance, accounting, and administrative functions.

Doug Levitt Inspires People To Take On Noble Activities


A lot of people pursue their dreams of being a successful person in different fields. Among the fields that people seek are singing, songwriting, writing and plenty of others. Doug Levitt has achieved a lot in this field. Therefore, he has experienced the type of fulfillment that comes with this kind of success. He has also decided to use it for something that is very noble. Among the things he has done was take the time to reach out to the people that are struggling in the United States. He has gotten stories and has written what would become known as The Greyhound Diaries.

Not only has Doug Levitt taken on a lot of these noble activities, but he has inspired a lot of other people to do something similar. For one thing, there are a ton of people who have similar levels of compassion that Doug has. Given that he has taken the time to actually engage with people who are not as fortunate, he has inspired people to act with a similar type of courage and go out and engage with people that need a little extra assistance. People have also read his story and have decided that the people that are faced with hard times are not any different from people who are living more prosperous lives.

More people have worked to put together foundations that could be put in place to help the struggling in the United States. People that take the time to engage those that have either been born in a lesser circumstance or have been thrown into hard times because of dishonest methods on account of others. One of the goals is to make sure that there are resources that people can use in order to make sure that everyone has a fair chance.


Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, One Of The Most Successful Cosmetic Surgeons In America


Cosmetic surgery is both an expensive and a risky undertaking. Prospective patients don’t need any reminding of the need of finding a certified cosmetic surgeon. In the hands of an accomplished expert like Dr. Jennifer Walden, patients are guaranteed of getting the desired outcomes minus all the hassles.


World-Class Facilities


Dr. Walden is the current proprietor of the Jennifer L. Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center based in Austin, Texas. This practitioner also owns an Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan, New York. Her world-class facility has a full accreditation by the AAAASF. It is fully equipped with all the latest equipment. The staff working here have all attained a five-star performance rating for their excellent customer care services.


Certifications and Accolades


The specialist, Dr. Jennifer Walden, is certified and licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Other notable certifications include those by the Texas State Medical License, the New York State Medical License, and the Florida State Medical Licensing Boards. Walden was voted as one of the best cosmetic experts by the American Airlines Magazine.


Her services come highly recommended for all folks seeking to enhance their beauty professionally. The top procedures offered at her clinic include:-


  • Face and eyelids Uplifts
  • Breast Augmentations
  • Rhinoplasties
  • Body Work
  • Hair Restoration
  • Laser Services
  • Radio Frequency
  • Skin grafts
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Injectables


Media Presence


She’s regularly being featured in the mainstream media. The professional has made appearances on CBS, FOX News, E!, and on ABC. That is not to mention the countless magazines, websites, and blogs that talk about her impressive works endlessly.


Core Philosophy


The values guiding her practice are both pragmatic and straightforward to grasp. Her treatments are always personalized to suit the exact needs and wants of the particular patient. All her past and present patients have had nothing but praises to shower the phenomenal doctor with. Visit her official site and read some of the heart-warming testimonials left by these lot.




Her excellent services don’t come cheap. But then again, nothing good ever comes easy. Speaking to the texasmonthly.com, the surgeon mentioned that her augmentations currently go for a figure of around $7000 and face-lift sets you back a whopping $10K.

Children’s charities benefit greatly from the gifts of Hussain Sajwani.


The esteemed Properties Chairman of the middle eastern enterprise known as DAMAC Properties is Mr. Hussain Sajwani. His realty company is located in the desert nation of Dubai. Mr. Hussain Sajwani created the enterprise in 2002. This remarkable prospect was made achievable due to a Dubai legislative decree that allowed foreigners to own their own realty in the emirate. DAMAC Properties is recognized as the biggest, most prolific private realty enterprise in the entirety of the Middle East.


Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a very giving person. Through his enterprise, DAMAC Properties, Hussain has given away two million Arab Emirates Dollars, or AED’s, in an attempt to help supply urgently required garments to disadvantaged kids across the globe. It is understood that Mr. Sajwani’s very kind gift will help out more than 50,000 kids with clothing.


His company, DAMAC Properties, also contains a hospitality division known as DAMAC Maison. This company provides specifically tailored services to the inhabitants of their roughly 8,000 hotel apartments, with an extra 2,810 apartments anticipated to be added within 12 month’s time.

DAMAC Properties has joined forces with the United States President, Mr. Donald Trump, to construct two golf courses in Dubai using Trump’s name. Following Trump’s election as President, Mr. Trump revealed in a press talk that he is good friends with Mr. Hussain Sajwani. Mr. Sajwani presented a $2 billion property contract with Mr. Donald Trump, which Trump, as a result of his Presidential commitment, had to say no to.


Mr. Sajwani is also close to Trump’s direct family members. Trump’s immediate family does not have a conflict of interest for instituting prosperous trade deals in Dubai, using the Trump company name. This detail was revealed to Mr. Trump when Mr. Hussain Sajwani was visiting the U.S., having dinner with Trump’s family. Husssain let Donald Trump know that he became conscious of the fact that Trump could avoid legal troubles from their trade partnerships, if the trades were to be conducted, on paper, with Trump’s children and wife, instead of Donald.


Wengie Helps With Weight Loss Hacks


There are many ways that you can lose weight and get in shape without even thinking about what you’re doing. AN easy hack for walking more is to wear a pedometer. Each time you look at your wrist you will see that you have walked more steps, which will likely motivate you to keep moving. Set a goal for a certain number of steps each day to see if you can meet or surpass that goal. Eat your food slower so that the body can sense when you’re really full.


According to Wengie Try eating in smaller portions through the day. This will help to keep the blood sugar levels regulated, preventing the fat from being stored as much in the body. You can exercise less to lose weight. Working out for hours is less effective than a high-intensity workout for about 20 minutes. Find a hobby that you like, such as dancing or hiking. This will give you the motivation you need to get movement in during the day without even thinking about what you’re doing. Green tea can boost the metabolism, especially if you drink it before bed. A spoonful of peanut butter before bed will also help to keep the metabolism up through the night.


Wear clothing that fits the body. This will help you feel when you’re full ore than if you wear pajamas or clothing that fits loosely on the body. Don’t shop for food when you’re hungry. Take away the temptation of junk food by throwing it away.


Career Breakthrough of DAMAC Properties CEO, Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani is a real estate tycoon, founder and the chairman of DAMAC Properties that is based in Dubai. Mr. Sajwani, a UAE national, studied at the University of Washington where he graduated with a bachelor of art degree in Economics. After his schooling, Hussain began his career as the contract manager at GASCO Corporation, a subsidiary of ABU DHABI National Oil Company (ADNOC). He served GASCO for a short time and then decided to start his own catering business in 1982.

The catering business began from a very simple beginning but Hussain was keen on expanding it. The business provides catering services to a number of leading markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asian Countries. Additionally, the division services numerous learning institutions, five star hotels, construction campsites and army barracks in the UAE. According to Hussain Sajwani, this business is the one that has given him whatever he owns. He has further diversified this business and now it offers a variety of services such as camp management, maintenance, and manpower supply.

Apart from catering business, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is a successful pioneer in the real estate market in Dubai. He began his involvement is property development in the mid-1990s. He built several hotels to accommodate the increasing number of people coming to the Emirates for business and leisure activities. As the market continued to grow, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties in 2002. Having been in the business for some time, Hussain was able to provide leadership skill that enabled DAMAC Properties to grow. He had gained inclusive expertise in finance, marketing, sales, and administration; skills that are key in the growth of any business. Today, DAMAC has grown to be a leading property development company in Dubai. In addition, the firm owns numerous prestigious properties in London, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah and several other cities in the UAE.

DAMAC properties through the leadership of Hussain Sajwani has partnered with several leading firms in the real estate branding sector to develop exclusive properties. Some of these projects include luxury apartments styled and designed by Versace and Fendi, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, Luxury villas designed by Bugatti, and A golf course designed by Tiger Woods and which is managed by Trump Foundation.

Hussain Sajwani is a friendly person. He has been able to meet and make friendship with other business oriented people. He is a close friend and a business partner to the President of United Stated, Donald Trump. Their friendship started long ago before Trump became the president of the US.

Besides business, Hussain is a philanthropic. He supports several humanitarian organizations that seek to improve the lives of people in need around the world.

Why You Should Rely on Equities First US


Every one of us has financial goals that we would like to meet/accomplish. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to meet those very goals unless we have capital to start with. In order for someone to begin their ventures of making money, or doing whatever it is that they may want to do, they may need a certain amount of capital to get started. Where can they find such forms of capital when the money that they earn from their job does not necessarily provide them with the amount that they need? They can apply for a loan from a reliable lender that has been well-reputed as being a reliable company that people can rely on. Equities First Holdings is an organization that provides solutions for anyone who may be seeking a loan for whatever reason it may be. Be sure to contact them to get the most that you can out of a great opportunity.

Equities First Holdings offers loans at very low rates of interest. Such deals may not be found anywhere else. A group of people who often find it difficult to obtain loans are those with high net-worth. Those individuals often have difficult in obtaining loans because they find that nobody really thinks that they need it, or as much as someone else might. Therefore, many lenders have chosen not to offer them loans if they apply.

A high net-worth individual can contact Equities First Holdings as they offer them loans as well. They may want it for non-purpose reasons and that it absolutely fine. Whatever your case may be, please do not hesitate to contact Equities First Holdings as they will be more than happy to guide and assist you with the financial goals that you may have. It would be a mistake for you to note take advantage of the opportunity.


Bruce Levenson: Two Buyers in Lengthy Selling Process


Bruce Levenson has tried to sell the Atlanta Hawks in a lengthy process which led to two front runners finally appearing. These front runners will pay for the team and the Philips Arena. The attempt to sell the Hawks has carried on for six months at that point. At the time, the deadline for the last bids was April 10. There was also the ability to move the date back as needed as more bids enter into consideration. Bruce Levenson is doing the best he can to get the highest big and gain the most profit possible from his team.

This news was shared by a few people that knew a lot about the situation with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of the two groups that are in the front running for buying the Atlanta Hawks. The prospective buyers have signed agreements on non-disclosures so that they don’t speak in public on the process of the sales. One of the finalists is led by Steve Kaplan, who owns the Grizzlies. Along with Kaplan are a couple of billionaires named Handy Poernomo, Erick Thohir and Jason Levien, indonesian billionaires and former Grizzlies CEO respectively. Another person that is seen with the group is Hank Aaron, a member of the Braves.

The other leading group is well connected with Entertainment. This group is led by Mark Rachesky of Lionsgate Entertainment. Joining him is Steve Starker, who is a New York investment banker. One other member of the team is Jesse Itzler. He has consulted with the Hawks and went to plenty of games. He is also married to Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle were hired by The Hawks in order to deal with the process of selling the team. Meetings were held in Atlanta for the groups after the preliminary bids of Feb. 24. There are a few groups that lost contact with the firms which put them out of the running.

The process of selling the Hawks has been long. The Hawks have still proven to be profitable for Bruce Levenson, says Forbes magazine. The process was expected to take until June for completion. Levenson has begun trying to sell the team in September. This long drawn out process has amazed many just for the length of the sales process alone.

OSI Group; A Leading Premier Food Provider


OSI group, one of Forbes’ Americas largest private companies list, is a prime global supplier of custom value-added food products to the globe’s leading food service and retail food brands. It provides top quality custom food product, development, and global food supply chain management through production, supply, processing, research, and development capabilities just to mention a few.

Formerly known as OSI Industries Inc. their mission is to provide services through tailored products to best suit customer’s unique, precise specifications requirement. The company aims to maintain a sustainable relationship with its clients and the environments around it. The management strives to manage the company within the social, economic and environmental structure to achieve sustainability. The success of the OSI group is derived from its inclusive and diverse workforce providing a working ambiance that is demanding, exhilarating and productive, developing their employees to reach their full potential.

Concerned with the impact of their activities on the world, OSI work to carefully direct, inspire and motivate their business within the cultural, financial and environmental constraints in which they are operational while continually finding ways to improve their operational impact. These sustainability efforts are in force throughout their global network and have been recognized by the food industry. In addition, forums have been set up to nurture their employees to be ambassadors of environmental sustainability through training and development.

A company’s traditions are an important characteristic of a successful business. OSI’s environment is composed of employees who are best qualified to the jobs they do and have protocols designed to inspire them to work well while having to cater for their customers, not only offering stellar customer service but also empathetic to their customers so well that they can anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs.

OSI Group depends on its workforce, and having a good standpoint helps in ensuring you are a team player. In addition to being unmitigated, OSI Group stays ethical because the value of the company is not only its revenue returns but how dependable it is in terms of fulfilling their promises to their consumers.