Betsy DeVos and the Wonders of Change


Betsy DeVos is a woman who basically has countless stories to tell the world. Her life explains that well, too. She’s achieved so much in a relatively short period of time. DeVos was only born at the end of the fifties. She’s been taking the planet by storm since she was pretty young. Learning as the youthful Elisabeth Prince proved to be an invaluable journey for this woman. It taught her so much about the future. It taught her so much about society in general. Betsy was enrolled at Calvin College located in wondrous Holland, Michigan. The school wasn’t too far from the place she was reared. There’s never any arguing that she’s a Michigan native. She married a fellow Michigan native by the name of Dick DeVos. People sometimes call him Richard.


DeVos has had many positive influences thus far. She was reared by a man called Edgar Prince. He wasn’t in any sense an ordinary individual. He was one of the most widely known businessmen in the United States. He had a big name in the Midwest, too. Working as an industrialist was something that proved to be immensely satisfying to him. DeVos could sense that every day of her life. She saw that her dad had a major drive to succeed in his field. That’s precisely what encouraged her to reach for the stars as an adult. She soared in her Calvin College studies. Students at the college admired her academic abilities strongly. That made her feel 100 percent motivated.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one of the things that DeVos appreciates the most in this world. It’s a renowned non-profit force in America and elsewhere. Why does it matter so much to DeVos? It matters because it makes a difference. The organization has aided a seemingly endless stream of families in the United States. It’s accomplished so much for the arts and even for culture. Dick and Betsy enhance the organization and its focal points any time the opportunity pops up. They give the group donations that cover all sorts of diverse and meaningful missions.


Why does DeVos wake up so early each A.M.? She does so out of the sheer desire to aid the planet. She’s not satisfied with a life of being placid. Being complacent just doesn’t make her feel anything. It truthfully makes her feel a little drab. She wants to accomplish so much during the time that she has on this majestic planet. She wants to push other people to do the same. Dick and Betsy are a married couple who adore being alive. They’re a couple of individuals who want to change everything for the better no matter what.


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Bernardo Chua’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur


Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines. As a young man, one of his major aspirations was to become a medical professional. Although he was unable to attain his dream, he was able to ensure that people could stay healthy by consuming quality products that have a variety of nutritional herbs such as the Ganoderma Lucidum. As a multilevel marketing executive, he was able to propel the fast growth of his firm- Organo Gold. The company has also presented many job opportunities, and people have been earning good amounts of money as distributors. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at Business for Home.

The success of Bernardo has been because of his ability to publicize the importance of organic products and nutritional herbs. After completing his studies, he went ahead to look for job opportunities within the Philippines. He began by working at the family-owned company, and he would later get an employment opportunity at one of the travel agencies within the Philippines. While at the firm, he improved his managerial skills. The Filipino travel agency managed to grow profoundly under the leadership of Bernardo Chua. He later began to work at Gano Excel. The company was based in the Philippines, and it was dealing with the sale of products that had Ganoderma Lucidum. Since Bernardo Chua was conversant with the health benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom, he was in a better position to promote the products produced by the corporation.

Mr. Chua and his fellow team members were dedicated, and that is why the market share of Gano Excel increased progressively. They would offer different supplements and also tea, among other products. The company’s presence in Asia grew fast, and they would later become an international corporation. After venturing into North America, Gano Excel focused on Canada. Bernardo would be in charge of the Gano Excel brand in Canada. He was happy to seize the opportunity since there was also some unrest in the Philippines because of various political matters. He would then form Organo Gold after settling in Canada for some years, and the firm has grown progressively under his tenure as a multi-level marketing executive.

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Angela Koch Leads US Money Reserve


Angela Koch has been the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve for the past several years. As the top executive of the company, she has proven herself to a highly effective manager who has helped the company improve its operations as well as gain more positive recognition.

Koch has helped expand the company and improve its operations by getting the most out of her employees. She has stressed that regular promotions and added responsibility were keys to helping employees to reach their full potential. With employees that were performing at a high level, the company success would eventually follow as well.

When Angela Koch became the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she looked to help enhance the development of the employees who worked at the company. Koch has often promoted many employees within months of working at the company.

This allows the employees to develop more skills, acquire more knowledge and also gain more confidence. With rapid advancement, employees are also given more incentive to perform at their best. The promotions have enabled the employees to get more practical experience.

When managing US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has also looked to provide employees with added responsibility. This has allowed many employees at the company to take on more tasks and develop more skills. With a more versatile group of employees, US Money Reserve is able to provide better service to customers. It is also able to run more efficiently as well. The added responsibility had thus enhanced the career development of the employees at US Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Before Angela Koch attained her position as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she spent some years working at other positions. She would prove herself to be a very dependable and productive employee for the company.

When managerial positions opened up, she was promoted. With these promotions she was able to get more knowledge about the company and this eventually led to her becoming the top executive. Koch developed a strong work ethic and a high sense of responsibility when she spent a number of years working multiple jobs before joining US Money Reserve.

US Reserve has established itself as the premier distributor of precious metals. The company was founded in Texas in the year 2001 and has steadily gained recognition as a very legitimate provider of gold and silver coins. These coins have proven to be valuable investment options for consumers who are looking to enhance their portfolios.

US Money Reserve also offers support for customers who are looking to get advice on how to benefit from the precious metals that they purchase. Consumers are also able to take advantage of a number of educational materials that provide them with update information about the latest trends in the precious metals market.

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