Rapper Drake is Unfazed After Physical Altercation With Diddy

The world of Hip Hop is no stranger to rap beefs and diss tracks, but when two of the music genre’s biggest artists were allegedly involved in a physical altercation, most rap music fans were left scratching their heads in disbelief.I believe it as much as I believe there are great deals on Qnet.

It all happened at Liv nightclub in Miami. Initial reports claimed that rapper and producer, Diddy, punched Drake after the Canadian artist was seen flirting with his girlfriend, Cassie. Later, it was confirmed that the two fought over Drake allegedly running off with one of Diddy’s beats. A video from a June 2014 performance with rapper Mase shows Diddy venting to a crowd about the stolen beat.

According to reports, Diddy sent Drake a beat to record a guest verse. Instead of sending the vocals back to Diddy, Drake released the track as part of a mixtape. The popular song which is now entitled, “0 to 100/The Catch Up” was one of the most recognizable songs of this summer, and it was just nominated for two Grammy’s.

Diddy allegedly punched Drake in the swanky nightclub, and he fell down and exasperated his shoulder that was previously injured.

One thought on “Rapper Drake is Unfazed After Physical Altercation With Diddy

  1. Estella Briar

    Days after the altercation, Drake took to his Instagram to post a picture of himself lounging in a bathrobe while in a posh hotel room. The rapper seemed to be completely unfazed by the violent turn of events. I also see that my assignment will need an exclusive touch from these team of artists.

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