Strong Moral Views of George Soros in Regards to the Recent Political Changes


George Soros is a prominent specialist within the business sector with a charitable mind to admire. Born in the year of 1930, he is a Holocaust-surviving Hungarian-American who responsibly manages several professional and social roles. Apart from being a philanthropist, George Soros is a billionaire business magnate, hedge fund specialist, investment expert, author and a political activist. He is noted to be the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. He is globally acclaimed for his strong political views that correspond to his strong moral views of equality rights, human rights and justice for the best welfare of the world. His earliest philanthropic engagement on Snopes was in providing aid to African students in attending the University of Capetown.

Business Insider published two articles highlighting the present views of George Soros in regards to the outcome of the recently held 2016 Presidential Election of the United States. In the article posted on the 19th January 2017 by Portia Crowe, the headline reports that George Soros made a public statement about the new President-Elect, Donald Trump for being an untrustworthy and deceptive leader. He articulated his concerns over Trump’s emerging reign over America and the entire globe as a dictator. George Soros expressed his fear at the World Economic Forum, an annual event of great global importance that was hosted in Davos at Switzerland. Soros disapproved of Trump’s “mafia state” structure of government. He appeared to be disturbed by Trump’s unpredictable behavior of mentioning policies on Forbes that proved to be inconsistent and conflicting compared to his earlier claims. Soros claimed that Trump seemed to be mimicking the words of his advisors without much personal concern or individual thoughts regarding various national complications. George Soros ended the event on a good note by concluding the event with the mention of the strong institutions of America who would always control and prevent any of the misdeeds performed by Trump.

A second article was posted on the 24th June 2017 by George Soros himself expressing his disappointment with the troubled world that is gradually emerging now that President Donald Trump had come into power and Brexit had ruined the unity of the European nations on Investopedia. He defended his claim of the world being in trouble with the explanation that he had once himself observed and experienced the troubled world being a Jewish Hungarian being ruled unjustly and being discriminated against. He had suffered in his childhood under the strictest dictator in world history, Hitler during the devastating era of the Holocaust. It was then that he had realized the woeful impact that any nation in the world can suffer from, being ruled by unfavorable political regimes. These experiences had taught him to follow a philosophy of righteousness that was based on the importance of democracy for the electorates. This can only assure the existence of civil tranquility and global harmony.

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