Susan McGalla reflects on the Challenges Women face on the path towards Empowerment


Despite some women making remarkable achievements in various fields, most women are still not empowered and remain eclipsed by the men in society. Governments and other organizations have stepped in to address the few gaps that still exist in empowering women. Additionally, women in top managerial positions have also become vocal in pushing for more opportunities for women.


Women leaders are on the forefront in encouraging their counterparts who are still lagging behind. They are abreast in empowering fellow women to fight for bigger roles in companies and to develop competent management skills in order to run successful ventures.


For instance, more women than before are leading business enterprises and excelling by ensuring that such enterprises record remarkable growth under their leadership. Women have stepped out of the men’s shadows and are competitively running roles that were previously thought to belong to men.


One bold woman that has proved that women have the capabilities needed to run successful business enterprises is Susan McGalla. Susan has managed to rise above many social constraints to be viewed by many as a role model, a mentor, a philanthropist, and leader.


Susan is passionate about empowering other women to rise in the business world. She has proved that women exhibit innate leadership traits and can easily acquire professional managerial skills such as networking. These are all crucial attributes of any successful business leader.


Given her exposure and experience in the business world, Susan is well positioned to identify many challenges that women must overcome before making it in the business. Among the top values that she recommends are hard work, versatility, and confidence.


Women have to be actively involved in the process of liberation. It is upon women to identify their strengths and to put them into practice in real life situations. Women have the power to exhibit their prowess in leadership.


Besides Susan McGalla’s philanthropic efforts, she is also a venture business lady. She founded P3 Executive Consulting organization that is based in Pittsburgh. The firm offers financial advice to business people who want to venture and excel in business.


Susan’s wealth of experience in retail and clothing sectors has attracted many business enthusiasts who seek her advice on marketing, talent management, and branding. Her career path began at Joseph Horne Company where she worked for eight years. She later moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she rose through the ranks to become a top executive.

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