David Mcdonald’s Contribution To Continued Prosperity Of OSI Group


For the past few years, OSI Group has embraced an expansion spree in an attempt to solidify its foothold on the global food and meat processing industry and distribution industry. The David McDonald led company hopes to achieve this through the rapid acquisition of related companies and setting up of ultra-modern processing facilities in the world’s strategic markets like China, Europe, and the Americas. To date, the company has successfully such food and meat companies with a nationalistic approach as Baho Foods and Tyson Foods.

David McDonald’s role in these acquisitions

David serves as the company’s president and Chief of Operations. His department is, therefore, critical in vetting prospective acquisitions and gauging the impact their addition to the OSI Group would have on the company’s overall operations. He is also in charge of understanding the market dynamics, instituting, and championing favorable policies that help further the company’s goals or go towards giving it an edge over the competition. OSI Group releases sustainability report.

Such policies include championing acquisitions and setting up of new facilities. His effectiveness as a leader manifests in the fact that during his tenure as the company president and COO, the company has already spread tentacles to Europe with the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group. David McDonald also takes credit for the expansion projects in Asia that include the construction of two poultry processing facilities in China.

David on expansion while keeping in touch with long-term partners

On numerous occasions, David McDonald has emphasized the importance of partnerships in this line of work. The food group president is also constantly reassuring the company’s long-standing partners of his commitment to maintaining and further strengthening their ties and alliances. He argues that the rapid expansion experienced by the company isn’t meant to tear them apart but draw them closer as they present a wider pool of opportunities.

More about David McDonald

David is an Animal Science graduate from Iowa State University. Before procuring the Presidents post at OSI Group, David served as the company’s project manager and a member of the Board. The president’s position comes with the added responsibilities of being the food group’s Chief of operations.

He is also the head of the company’s Australian subsidiary, OSI International Foods Pty Limited. He previously worked as the chairman for the North American meat institute as well as a director’s role at Marfrig Global Foods. David is particularly interested not just in the processing of the different food products lined up by OSI Group but also follows up on their production to guarantee maximum quality for the end consumer.

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