Isabel dos Santos Talks about the Importance of a Diverse Skill Set


In the current world, people are working on homing one skill. They always improve their skill set in one area throughout their entire career. On the other hand, some of the most successful individuals have been focusing on diversifying their skill set. For instance, Isabel dos Santos has managed to emerge as a successful entrepreneur in Africa. The primary reason as to why she has managed to attain such a high success rate is because she has diversified her skill set. Furthermore, she has also invested in different industries successfully. People usually focus on diversifying their skills, depending on their goals. It is possible to develop many skills, as demonstrated by Isabel dos Santos.

When you have many skills, you will also have access to numerous opportunities. When referencing Isabel, it is good to note that she has invested in various fields, including construction, energy, communications, technology, entertainment, and hospitality. The ability to invest in multiple sectors showcases the abilities that Isabel dos Santos possesses. Also, it is good to note that her impressive success in the multiple industries is as a result of her ability to diversify her skill set. She has also been serving as a board member in different firms throughout her professional career. Isabel also seizes every opportunity that she comes across. Although Isabel possesses a diverse skill set, her success has come about since she always looks into the best moment to pounce on the different opportunities that she comes across.

Although skills are essential, it is also good to look into the significance of education. Isabel dos Santos had access to quality education, and it played a crucial role in her success as an investor. Despite hailing from Angola, her father managed to ensure that she could undertake her studies in England. Some of the important skills that she gained while in England revolve around areas such as international relations. Her expertise skills also improved since she managed to study electrical engineering. Since she possesses an electrical engineering degree, she was in a better position to invest in technical fields such as the telecommunication industry. At the moment, Isabel dos Santos is still focusing on gaining more skills that may be relevant since she has also invested in numerous sectors. Click here.



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Isabel dos Santos Educating Women of Their Strength and Potential


It is hard to talk of business in Africa without mentioning Isabel dos Santos. She is an internetional icon in the world of business with an excellent education background. Forbes report showed that Isabel has approximately 2 billion dollars net worth, making her the top wealthiest businesswoman in Africa. Isabel was born of the late Jose dos Eduardo. He was the President of Angola but later chose to step down. As the eldest daughter, Isabel got a rare opportunity that only a few would. Isabel dos Santos had an opportunity to move to England for her studies. Isabel discovered she was special since most African women are usually set to abide by the tradition of the society.

They also get discouraged from partaking tertiary education in Universities or even participating in national development matters. Besides, most Africans can afford higher education for their children. The fortunate ones are those that make to high school. Isabel dos Santos was lucky to have different parents. They were barely ingrained in African traditions and cultures. Her father encouraged her to stick and abide by her business dreams. Isabel was interested in education. She joined one of the prestigious schools in the UK, King’s Collection London and acquired a degree in electrical engineering. It was during this time that he met the love of his life, Sindika Dokolo. He was a billionaire and son of a wealthy man in Africa.

After his graduation, Isabel dos Santos and Sindika married. Isabel finally became an entrepreneur and a successful businesswoman in Angola, her native country. She has invested heavily in Angola and Portugal firms. Amazingly, her investment boomed with tremendous success and helped her to establish many companies to hold assets and manage. Surprisingly, the assets have earned over $ 3 billion. Her investment wealth depends on money accumulation from earlier business deals and significant business decisions. At 45 years, Isabel is giving back to society and empower women in business. She is also helping women discover their worth and potential in a male-dominated society. Isabel dos Santos has a staunch belief that women are smart, knowledgeable, and intelligence, only that they are despised and never allowed to contribute to development matters. Thanks for her move.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Balanced Work Ethic


The world has more international corporations than ever before. In the modern age of technology, the world is more connected than at any other point in history. C&C Alpha Group is just one of numerous corporations that capitalize on this modern business landscape. At the helm of this operation is Bhanu Choudhrie, an individual from India. He is the classic example of an international leader in the modern age. He has established business investments on several continents, and thus helping to bring the world even closer together. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Bhanu Choudhrie describes how his personal and professional lives are interconnected.

Bhanu Choudhrie experienced s very smooth transition from school into his professional career. He attended Boston University, and followed it up by gaining experience through a program at Harvard University. In 2010, he felt secure enough to launch his business C&C Alpha Group. In addition to his international business investments, he is an active voice in the greater industry. He has sat on and influenced a number of committees including the Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. This has helped him secure long time connections and pursue countless new ventures. Bhanu Choudhrie leads an active life both in the office and outside of the public spotlight.

In his spare time, he will visit the gym or take it easy. He firmly believes that having a fit body is one of the requirements to staying relevant in the modern industry. Similarly, he describes how he maintains a routine every day life. Days typically begin with a moment of peace as he catches up with news and emails. The core of the day is spent on a variety of tasks depending on importance, and finally he finishes the day once more with peace and quiet. He finds this to be the perfect balance in keeping a fresh critical mind. At the end of the day, Bhanu Choudhrie’s approach to his career is a series of trial and error. The business environment is constantly shifting, and what his main attention one day could be irrelevant the next. He enjoys the daily business swings.