The Evenly-balanced Basket and Other Techniques that Angela Koch of The US Money Reserve Leverages


In most organizations, not all employees get to grow to their full potential or even climb up the ladder. The situation is worse for organizations that do not value employee training and development. They end up having massive employee turnover and a dented reputation which could hurt talent acquisition in the future.

To avoid this at the US Money Reserve, the CEO Angela Koch likes to take a multiplicity approach where she oversees the nurturing of employees into an extension of herself. This means that the US Money Reserve staffers aren’t your ordinary sales and marketing personnel. They are actually trusted enough by senior management to make independent decisions because they’ve been trained to do so. Here is what happens at the reserve.

Superior Customer Service

Angela’s work history defines the type of executive she is today. transitioning from a stay-at-home mum into a corporate employee was an eye-opening experience for her. She’s worked for pharmaceutical and electrical companies and even did some work at a Jewish Foundation. In all these positions she would take the time to learn order-to-delivery processes and the in-between details. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

But, it was the process formulation and control skills that she learned at KLA-Tencor using advanced inspection tools which relied on data that solidified her ability to offer unique customer service experiences. Assisting her KLA-Tencor mentor to get his ranch certified also added to her ability to come up with organizational processes that can be inclined to technology to define novice ways of services delivery. She makes sure all employees understand these processes and systems.

Using Integrated Systems

Angela Koch emphasizes the need to have all the organizational systems at the US Money Reserve collaborate to provide consistent customer service management.

The smooth flow of procedures that enable successful acquisition of gold, platinum and silver coins, sales and marketing to the ERP systems should work hand-in-hand to provide lifetime value based on feedback and data collected.

The Evenly-balanced Basket Mentality

Koch believes that in order to move forward you need to be a decisive person. You can do that by knowing your strengths and tapping into them optimally to shut out all negativity. Looking at your life and position as an evenly-balanced basket will help you remain original and true to yourself.

Once you have an idea share it with your team and allow room for adjustments based on their constructive criticism. Upon coming to an agreement, execute without fear or doubt. It’s the only way to ascertain the validity of your idea, especially if it something that’s not been done by others before.

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