The life of Alastair Borthwick


Alastair Borthwick was a famous journalist who lived an extraordinary and daring life of novels, love, and adventure. Having left home at the age of 16 proceeding high school, Alastair had known from a young age he was born to be a writer. Upon leaving home he went on to apply as a copy taker at The Evening Times and graduated on quickly to the Glascow Weekly Herald.

Having being a young writer working for the Glascow Weekly Herald, he wore the hats of many, becuase the staff of the newspaper was only made of 5 people. This did not detur him, so long as he was doing what he was born to do.

While working for the Glascow Weekly Herald, Alastair spent his free time discovering rock climbing in which he ended up writing about. Several of his memorable characters, storylines and concepts come from and about rock climbing which was also published.

Alastair aspired to go to Fleet Street, where he took a job at the Daily Mirror for a year before going on to run the press club at the Exhibition Empire, then to BBC radio where he created a signature tone and name for himself there, as a radio host who was unmistakable and original.

In 1945 Alastair enlisted himself in the 51st division of Seaforth Highlanders, where he led his battalion of 600 men towards victory before returning home to continue broadcasting and writing.

Affairs of the heart led him to marry in 1940, where he and his wife Anne fled to a countryside home where their son was born. At this time the BBC also have Alastair a weekly show on the air that ran for 3 years. He also had a column in a newspaper, while after he became a broadcaster in many different subjects.

Alastair was a broadcaster and journalist with a passion for life and adventure, who was survived by his son and his wife, she passed shortly after he did. Their son is still alive and Alastair’s work lives on in words and several documented radio broadcasts. A life well lived.

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