The Progress of Betsy DeVos the Education Secretary of the USA


The Trump administration has a number of interesting characters as a part of the assembly. President Trump has even fired and replaced a number of members of his administration. The administration had the highest turnover rate at 43%. A few have remained steadfast on his administration. One of the notable people who have remained on the president’s administration is his education secretary Betsy DeVos. The administration has been put under immense scrutiny by the media over the course of Trump’s presidency. But Betsy DeVos may have been put under the most scrutiny out of anyone on the administration when she was chosen as the education secretary. The goal seemed to be to put Betsy DeVos out like the 43% other people on the administration. She has never once been publicly considered to be kicked from the administration according to all reports.


Betsy DeVos has never been publicly considered to be kicked from the administration, because she actually does her job well. She is excellent at making the number of decisions she needs to handle and the other demands of her job as well. Betsy DeVos is a one of the few people in the Trump administration that was trashed by the media but is actually competent and excellent at performing the duties of her position.


The Betsy DeVos led education department has been capable of handling a lot of different issues. Betsy DeVos started her time as education secretary by siding with schools when it comes to transgender bathroom rights. President Trump removed the rights for transgender students and staff to use the restrooms they identify with. Betsy DeVos stated in a letter that the restroom rules should be determined by each school system. During her time as education secretary, Betsy DeVos has also made progress when it comes to revamping the education system. She has pushed for more focus to be put onto studies that will be necessary for the future job market. Mainly science and math studies. Regarding the march for our lives protests, Betsy DeVos said Congress should have a debate about the issues brought up by the student protestors.


Betsy DeVos has proven with her work as education secretary that she was the right choice for the Trump administration to put onboard for the education department. The education department has made advancements to expect more from students so they’ll achieve more. She has made social issues in schools a concern, whereas past education secretaries didn’t give a platform to students about concerns they had. Betsy DeVos will finish up her time as education secretary respected for doing her job and being more publicly active about her work than past education secretaries.


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