Vijay Eswaran On Personal and Business Philosophy


Vijay Eswaran is an author, philanthropist and an entrepreneur from Malaysia. Vijay is the Executive Chairman and Founder of the QI Group of Companies based in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. These companies have their services in nearly thirty countries all over the world. Mr. Vijay a native of Penang in Malaysia and was born in a well-being family.

Vijay raised high higher education fees by working as a taxi driver. He studied accounting and management in Illinois and London. He proceeded to work in the role of an information systems engineer for several years with different firms in South-East Asia and North America. Eswaran founded the QI Group of Companies to deal with various investment departments such as education, Hospitality, retail, and real estate.

In his books, Vijay Eswaran brings out the broad meaning of life. He points out how people often forget that presence is not permanent as they lead lives as if they have thousands of years remaining. He uses his personal experience, insights, and stories to outline cornerstones of life management.

Mr. Vijay Eswaran believes that a firm is not characterized by the products it offers or the type of marketing strategies it emulates but by the laborers who work for it. He argues that any business manager who cares for his staff cannot complain of poor customer care services since the employers will take charge.

Vijay insists on clarity in life noting that people can only understand their purpose and concentrate on their aims if they employ clarity of vision. He advises entrepreneurs and other business senior leaders to be clear on their ideas and communicate it to his junior staff time to time so that the whole enterprise is set to focus on a common objective. Vijay is a true believer in servant leadership as he feels it is the only type of leadership that allows people to deliver their best as well as creating a tradition of development of the organization.

Vijay explains that for a man to thrive on the success path, one must be able to disregard the rock-strewn that is thrown on them and the garlands that are granted upon them.

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