With A Strong Love For Learning, Raffaele Riva Excels As An Entrepreneur:


Being able to adeptly focus and excel in many areas of international business, ranging from asset management and wealth planning to real estate, among others, has been a strong formula for success within the career of Raffaele Riva. He is an individual that is noted for his passion for business activities and this has led him to found a number of different startups. Raffaele Riva was active founding many of these companies from the mid-1990s to the late 2000s. He is also known for the outstanding work he has accomplished as the President and founder at the AUREA Multi Family Office.

AUREA Multi Family Office operates in the capacity of parent organization for many operations that are active in the international market. These businesses are primarily ones that work within the financial services sector. The deep base of knowledge that Raffaele Riva has in this area makes him the ideal individual to head up a business such as this. He has led the firm to an impressive growth trend over its years in business. As far as his educational background, Raffaele Riva is well versed in the field of economics. He studied the topic at Milan, Italy’s UniversitĂ  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. His quest for knowledge also led Raffaele to pursue post-graduate studies at several other universities. The work experience he has accumulated over the years has also included accountant work.

After a long and prosperous professional career, Raffaele Riva continues to exhibit a great deal of passion for the work that he is engaged in. He has a strong love of going after new opportunities and he continues to diligently engage in learning and research. Being able to stay on top of where the market is heading is important to him in his work and it allows him to make calculated decisions. Raffaele is a devoted reader and also notable for his fascination with the emergence of new technologies.


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